Friday, May 21, 2010

backseat ridaaa

lol I'm always in the backseat of someones car taking photos..
 it's just like me always being in a random public bathroom taking photos.. what a great time to do that lol

me and my middle sister Andrea in the ladies room haha

This week, for some weird reason, I've noticed that a lot of people have added my photos to their blogs and stuff.. it was a bit shocking, especially since had no idea -- yet flattering.
I appreciate that, and glad some of you are enjoying what I'm doing :]

Here are two people that blogged about me.
Vincent and also, the lovely Sierra

on another note, guess what!? I got a new piercing yesterday at KOLO in little 5 points

This lady pierced me.. she was cool and had huge stretched earlobes with big jade plugs in them!

she was just chitchatting with me while I was laying on the table: "So whats been going on?" lol
 a lot of piercers tend to do that.. trying to take your mind off of whats about to happen.
 Then she tells me "Take a deep breath.... and let it out"
and tadaaaa

It's called a "Conch" piercing. Dude I havent gotten pierced in like 3 years, so I got myself all worked up for nothing about it, thinking it was gonna hurt..
eh it was just a quick pinch :]

OK I guess thats it for now...

PS if youre in sandy springs, and you like yogurt, you must visit Yogli Mogli

The yogurt is so good! You make it yourself.. then they weigh it to price it.

 I've been there twice over the past 2 days. so good :]
So glad that this place is right up the street from me lol
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