Monday, May 31, 2010

Stop acting like

you DON'T miss me. I miss you..

When you don't express true emotions that need to be said and heard,
you'll one day look back with many could've, should've, would've(s) in mind
And usually by the time you realize the mistake, it is unfortunately.. too late.

true story.

 anyway, lots of things have been going on, old news, new news.. interesting stuff. 
my life is always all over the place..
so I'm starting to map out a new game plan as to what's gonna happen next.

I went to sleep with a lot on my mind, woke up with even more on my mind..
then figured I needed to blog and get some of this energy recorded in writing
and through random photos that make me feel a certain way :]

I know this next one is blurry.
 My mother, daddy, and my oldest sister Sereda in the 1970s lol

Yesss Afros lol.

Oh..and to the one that was wondering about my name..
I am Vanisha, my mother named me so that my name would rhyme with hers lol (Elisha)
I didn't know that my name had a meaning until I was like 18. It means Pure, it's an Indian name.
 but they pronounce it va-NEE-sha.. thats not how I say my name it is VA-NI-SHA..
I use the same short "I" sound like in the word KISS lol
I guess I can thank my mother for giving me a more unique name over a common one
like 98% of the people that say my name.. will say it incorrectly

my afro is wild compared to how my mothers was in the 70s lol

Attempting to swallow the sun. I will.

..oh yeah, look at what I did to my nails this time..

Midnight black/purple, neon pink sides, white line, topped with glitter lol
Imma pro shawdy. (or so I try to tell myself lol)

DO YOU SEE THOSE SHORTS!? duuuude.. I am so gonna have my sister make me some lol
I fell in love with that photo

Then I got on facebook and started stealing photos from my friends/family pages lol

Me and my bestfriend Reisha.. we were 18

Duuude this photo is ultra old haha kanomi and lloyd

My little sister Jennifer and me.. she will be 17 in 2 days.

Then I got a facebook IM
Anja: My beautyyy                 (11:47am)

It was so nice to talk to Anja! She is now back in France. Then she called me on skype and the first thing she asked "So when are you coming to visit me" lol hopefully next year.

I'm gonna go make myself happy by eating sushi, I think the dance studio is closed on this holiday?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

This is a random blog

Just 3 things that I wanted to share with you all, I'm actually rushing.. about to head to dance class..but anyway:

Of course the first thing is choreography lol. The song itself is serious.. but whoa, when I saw this... my eyes watered lol. I'm so lame lol but I just get THAT overwhelmed when I see great dancers.

OH MY GOODNESS my friend Angela sent this to me on facebook, she knows that Sloths are my favorite animal EVER lol (thank you little Italiana gangsta lol) If you dont know what they are.. please just watch this video!!!

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

ANDDDDD my friend L'Oreal just had her 23rd birthday this past week, and guess what the heck she did!?
SHE WENT SKY DIVING! As much as I've told myself that I want to try that, I don't see that bs happening lol.. heeeeeck NO!!! She's so bold lol


I will post again soon.. I have to show you all my nails... they look cool lol
Have a lovely Saturday :]

Friday, May 21, 2010

backseat ridaaa

lol I'm always in the backseat of someones car taking photos..
 it's just like me always being in a random public bathroom taking photos.. what a great time to do that lol

me and my middle sister Andrea in the ladies room haha

This week, for some weird reason, I've noticed that a lot of people have added my photos to their blogs and stuff.. it was a bit shocking, especially since had no idea -- yet flattering.
I appreciate that, and glad some of you are enjoying what I'm doing :]

Here are two people that blogged about me.
Vincent and also, the lovely Sierra

on another note, guess what!? I got a new piercing yesterday at KOLO in little 5 points

This lady pierced me.. she was cool and had huge stretched earlobes with big jade plugs in them!

she was just chitchatting with me while I was laying on the table: "So whats been going on?" lol
 a lot of piercers tend to do that.. trying to take your mind off of whats about to happen.
 Then she tells me "Take a deep breath.... and let it out"
and tadaaaa

It's called a "Conch" piercing. Dude I havent gotten pierced in like 3 years, so I got myself all worked up for nothing about it, thinking it was gonna hurt..
eh it was just a quick pinch :]

OK I guess thats it for now...

PS if youre in sandy springs, and you like yogurt, you must visit Yogli Mogli

The yogurt is so good! You make it yourself.. then they weigh it to price it.

 I've been there twice over the past 2 days. so good :]
So glad that this place is right up the street from me lol

Saturday, May 15, 2010

little dancers

I posted a youtube video about these little amazing 7 year old dancers sometime ago. They are AMAZING dancers.

--Yet I def. noticed how many of the comments were negative because of the way that they were dancing, and how they were dressed. I'm a dancer (as most of you probably know) so it is very normal for me to see little ones dressed like this when performing. I dont know...
I didn't know that a sports bra and spankys were such a big deal? Because like 99.9% of dancers have worn these items when dancing.

SO THEN my sister showed me a video of some little girls dancing to Beyonce's video "Single Ladies" and she kept saying how good they were... and when I watched it... I said "these are those same little girls! but theres just more of them, and they're a little older now!"

once again... I loved it. This dance was out of control hahaha.
---but yeah they even had this on the news and was talking to the kids parents and saying how could they exploit them etc. etc. way too much. Watch both videos

So I won't voice much of my personal opinion because there are many many people that disagree and just do not understand what performers do.

Hope you enjoyed their talent though!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

some fotos

This was me on my birthday.. big 23.. same wild hair nothing special :]

Then during my big day, I was just noticing random bits of beauty that made me happier

Then yesterday, I noticed the sun peaking from behind the trees.

Yesterday morning I actually took the time to go through alllllllll of my photos in my new phone, because I knew I had many and lots of memories in my gallery from my old phone.
There was over 1300 photos.
I've always loved taking them, and from what I noticed.. I'm not bad at it!
I deleted a lot of photos, I'm down to 1010 (a little more since I took some today lol) but I really should have posted a lot of those, reguardless of how many food photos there were, or photos of water hahaha
..I can't help it, I just enjoy taking photos :]

Here are some from weekend before last, me and Kanomi.. I look so tiny next to her since she has those heels on hahaha mind you, I'm 5'5" and shes 5'7" AT MOST

and Lloyd.. wannabe thug lol

Then more from that day... including the loud and over the top Antwan

Now that I'm looking at this photo.. was he touching my straw!? It looks like it : /
I don't know.. I was too busy posing.. as usual I'm camera ready lol

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Go Shawdy

It's my birthday.. we gon party cause it's my birthday.. we gon sip Bacardi cause it's my birthday..
and you know we don't give a F#@!, IT'S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY lol

hahaha... duuumb.. and for the record, I do not drink :]
I hung out by myself.. and enjoyed my day 110%.. 50+ birthday wishes

I was supposed to get a new piercing today but time wouldnt let me.. I will do it tomorrow.
--speaking of tomorrow: My manager is taking me out to eat tomorrow night because I won this contest at my job (yayyy for meee), and some of my guy co-workers are coming too.. should be a good time!

I dont know why my photos aren't loading : / I was gonna leave you with a few..guess not tonight.

I am 23... yeees grown lady! hahaha :]

Saturday, May 1, 2010

guess what?

oh... and I performed today :]
me and nate did great, the people loved it. We have 2 performances on the night of my birthday.

My sister Andrea did my makeup.. and I did my nails..

(its yellow,green,white dots, gold glitter)
not bad huhhh lol..
 I'm gonna do something else wild to them for my birthday too :]