Thursday, April 8, 2010

new friends :]

I met Anja (AHN-YA) at my job, I noticed her european accent and asked where was she from. Come to find out, she's half french and German.. speaks both languages. After that, we would sit and chitchat during my work break lol.
She's an exchange student from France, studying here in the USA.. but leaving next month :[ 
 So we are enjoying this little bit of time that we have.
she invited me to a friend's BBQ last weekend.. I went!

 I met Anja's friend Rukiya too, who is going back to home (Holland) next month. She was born in Africa, speaks her native tongue, and also Dutch!

This was one of the guys that was there (and his daughter) he was so funny.. D'Wayne is his name

Anja was trying to take a photo of me and Rukiya on the couch but I dont know how the heck she got THIS hahaha

She got my wild hair for the most part..and Rikiya's puckered lips haha

I enjoyed myself a lot. It felt like I had known them forever.
-- okay I have a big photoshoot tomorrow, had to be brief, but I shall return :]

OH and to the person that saw me at my job (you left a comment saying that) why didnt you say hey!?
speak to me lol

I shall leave you with a funny video lol! ..Well at least I thought it was funny :]

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