Saturday, April 24, 2010

A longer post from me :]

So one of my latest addictions that I've been meaning to post about.
I'm all for being as natural as possible in everyday life (I could still do more lol) but it's a great choice to help our world.. it's def. a GREEN choice :]

Lush is for ANYONE, men and women, they have all natural products for hair, skin, shaving cream, natural hair dye, massage oils etc.
I know most men don't care about having soft skin, but if you have a boyfriend, introduce one of these items to him and I bet he will love it lol.

I have a few cool items from them, and as of now, everything that I use on my hair and skin are 100% natural items from the Earth.. I'm proud to say that lol. --I guess I see why my coworkers call me "Tree Hugger" lol but I'm just trying to improve my everyday living ways, and this store helps! Seriously!

I mostly go to the Lenox mall location, or Perimeter mall. I'm on the email list, and they always send invitations about the store parties that they have. They always have different themes, and the staff members dress up and have a good time! The last time I went, the theme was LadyGaga.. so a lot of half naked bodies haha.
I googled their parties.. and look what I found

They had a naked theme lol so cool.
That guy def still works there, he washed my hands for me last weekend lol. They let you test out products, so they'll even lather and massage your arm/hand to let you feel how amazing their stuff is.
-- even funnier (or at least I thought it was) the shortest girl, the one with her bum to the cam... she's one of my everyday customers at my job haha small world!

ugh I wanna work there.. worth a try, right? Check them out! LUSH

On the the next one :]
Photos from last weekend, I went to the park with Anya and the other girls for this "DogWood" festival.. is that what it's called? It was new to me, and it was sooo crowed. Had lots of art, music, and food though.

(left to right all over the world lol) Rachel-Vietnamese/Dutch, Anja-Austrian/French, Me-African American, Rukiya-Somalian/Dutch, and Jessica- Mexican American

Lastnight, I had a short ballet class, and then a killer hiphop class with one of my AADR buddies that I hadn't seen ever since then.. Tyler Parks

That class was seriously amazing, we had so much funnn! We danced to Kesha "TicTok" :]

On that note, one of my favorite dancers, Tucker Barkley posted a new dance video :] He is just so amazing, I love how rough he's dancing in this one, and how he hits random accents that the average dancer wouldn't naturally hit.
Now this is the first time that I have ever posted about Nick DeMoura, he's another amazing dancer out in LA (same as Tucker) He's got this crazy style of dancing.. very cool, he's all about lines but in a different way
--thats him in the middle when it first comes on, then next Miki represents for the ladies, and last but not leassst Tucker is in this video too during the last round :]

Just look at how all of the dancers put their own flare on his choreography

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