Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Why are people so afraid of it!? Why are people embarrassed by it? I am pretty much in shock with how the Americans are reacting to Erykah Badu's new video for her single "Window Seat"

My sister even told me that on the local Atlanta FOX news, there was a lady calling her an "idiot" for being nude.. because of the simple fact that children had seen her! lol wtf? Children see their parents nude bodies, and its nothing (mostly their mothers..)

WE ALL HAVE SEEN OURSELVES NAKED, and in a lot of other countries.. nudity is NOTHING. come on people, it's reality.. it's natural.. there is no need to hide this fact no matter what age you are :shrug:
***now if she was doing some sexually.. thats a different story. but she wasnt.

Of course, people are making a huge deal of WHERE it was exactly that they shot this video.. it was near where JFK had gotten shot years ago.-- but the thing about it, Erykah has always been the type of artist to do things to really catch everyones attention, and to make you think.

Mission Accomplished. I love it.

Just read this CNN artical about it erykah badu strips and then watch the video (below)!

Her album is amazing.. go buy it.

 But I want to know what you all think about this video of hers?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

back to basics

A - Available: Well, I'm certainly not taken

B - Best Friends: Yes Reisha... the only one since we were 7 years old (15 years strong going on 16!)

C - Color of Your Room: plain white.. it's not even mine heck lol

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: The people that know me best

F - Favorite Food: Seafood and Sushi

H - Hometown: Savannah, Georgia.. although I was born out of the USA

J - Job: Barista :] but I'm a dancer/performer

L - Longest Car Rides: From Savannah, GA to Oklahoma 24 hours.

N - Number Of Siblings: 3 sisters. Sereda (32) Andrea (29) and Jennifer (16)

O - One Wish: To be complete in every area of my life one day. career wise, financially, to have someone to call my own.

P - Phobias: ok.. this might seem weird... but I have a phobia of seeing tiny holes that are like clustered. ew.

S - Song You Last Heard: Ladies Night from the 90s :]

U - Unknown Fact About Me: I talk a lot and fast when I get excited about anything... it is so embarrassing because I know I look like a ADHD retard lol

W - Worst Habits: biting my inner cheek. weird.. I know. I forget names horribly. when you introduce yourself to me and we shake hands.. I'm more so thinking about: OK, I shake with my right hand firmly, I'm making eye contact, I introduced myself with lady-like poise, umm what did he say his name was? lol
but now, after I hear the name.. I repeat it once to the person to make sure I have it.. then keep repeating it in my head to make it stick.. this technique has helped me improve like 50% seriously!

                                   oh yeah, i found an old dumb picture of myself lol laughing as usual.

                                I was had just turned 18 and this was right before I cut my hair off

Sunday, March 21, 2010

a photoshoot!

FINALLY! I had a nice looong photoshoot with Brian Childress yesterday :]
We went into a country.. it was so gorgeous out there. Here are 2 photos.
(you'll see more)

This weekend has been so so so busy. Auditions, dancing, meetings.. geez

I just left this "Intensive Work-Study Class" which was very informative and included many other professional dancers as myself.
 Basically, it's to be a workstudy at this amazing dance studio called "GottaDance". If I get it, I will work there for free, and be able to take FREE dance classes!
Can't beat that.
So it is just a matter of waiting for a phone call now lol

Monday is tomorrow.. which means back to work.

but here's a great link.. I live by most of these :]

Friday, March 12, 2010

NEW lady gaga feat. beyonce "TELEPHONE"

YES! I can't even say anymore.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

peace in the middle east

My daddy and some people in Iraq

..actually he finally got a break from his Army duties, so him and my step-mother decided to take a trip to Germany and visit my little sister! Can't wait to see the photos, they just got there today!

I leave you with the amazing Orianthi. My daddy plays the guitar and got me completely HOOKED on Jimi Hendrix, so when I saw this girl and how great she plays the guitar.. my mouth dropped!
FYI: She's 24, Australian, has played on stage with Michael Jackson, Prince, and even Carlos Santana.

here she is playing the guitar with this other killer guitarist

Here's her single

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where's my Cutie!?

Cutie-Patutie hasn't been home in 5 days :[

I hate that my mother started letting him outside when I was here in Atlanta performing.
Because now, he loves going outside.
And now, he's been gone for the longest time he's ever been gone.

I went outside today with my sister and our puppy Prancer to go look for him... I called his name...
didn't see him.
I hope he's safe and hopefully he comes back
--He's two years old this month