Saturday, February 13, 2010

A shopping day

Dude I have not been shopping in a very very very long time, if I purchased something new it was for like work or like 1 super cheap item.. luckily, I always find the good sales lol So that really worked for me yesterday hahaha.

One of the things I spotted instantly were the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's new line called olsenboye
Dude! They have the cutest shoes, I so got a pair. They are still for work (lol) but at least I know I can wear them outside of work too!
My sister and I had just seen them on tv talking about their new line, and I just knew it would be something I'd love. Check it out
--oh and I stumbled across this post on one of my favorite blogs 9 ways to take better care of your shoes
My shoes last foreverrr and most of these reasons are why apparently

then my mother got her makeup done at the mac counter (which took for freakin ever!!), I was like "YESSSS FACE!" hahaha had to get some photos
oh yeah and look at my earrings! OPALITE dude these earrings are usually like 50 dollars per earring! (if you didn't know.. my earlobes are stretched) but I somehow found them on sale lol. they have an amazing glow to them but you cant see that here

My mother, middle sister Andrea, and moi :]

It snowed all day yesterday, so me and Andrea had to get at least 1 photo lol. Blurry BS

Hopefully I will be posting tomorrow talking about how I went out and indulged for valentines day lol
but as of right now, I think me and Andrea are about to get dressed and go hang with our step sister Olivia :]

of course I will take photos!
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