Monday, January 18, 2010


sorry... if you didn't see the videos during the first 4 days of this post, the videos have been removed :[

OK so I just happened to type in AADR on YOUTUBE and there was footage of the show that I danced in last FEB here in Atlanta!! of course you can watch the whole thing and spot me... but I will pick out my favorite parts out of both videos for you to watch :]

I tried to get the actual code to the videos, but the guy told me that he couldnt post it because of the contract.. but told me that I'm free to use the links!

go to 29:20 and watch it to the end! I will be on the right in the blue and white PART 1

go to 24:27 and watch it to the end :] I will be on the right (again)just spot my afro lol. PART 2
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