Saturday, January 23, 2010

the hunt is on

So I have 2 interviews on Monday. Dude I swear these jobs better not waste my freakin time. I HATE JOB HUNTING. I have sent my resume off to everybody and their mommas too. and what really makes me mad is when people don't contact me back.. yet they claim to be HIRING

Lately, I've been thinking.. what if I sent a personal letter or something to all of the jobs that I called millions of times, and the managers always made it seem like they were too busy to look over my resume while they were on the phone with me, or the job interviews that I've been to and never hear back from them again afterwards as to WHY they didn't hire me, or the super famous: JOBS THAT NEVER CALL ME BACK AFTER I CALLED THEM OVER AND OVER. -- in this letter, I would find the highest person that I can get in contact with.. and tell them my sucky experience with trying to work with their company lol

Although, they might not care.. but I think it might hit home to a few people that know how hard times are right now and how many people are in need of jobs.
the lesson to be learned: Be real with people, Don't lead them on!

:deep breath: ok well I hope I get hired Monday (lol!)

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PS: lastnight was great to say the least :]
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