Friday, January 29, 2010


So Lastnight.. turn on the TV to watch Americas Next Dance Crew and I automatically take notice to so many of my dance buddies and associates on the show! Heck I've taken these guys classes, went to auditions with them and everything.

The first face I notice is Codie
Of the Jungle Boogie Crew.

And he's not the only one.

then I'm in the kitchen and hear "Swagger Crew from Atlanta, Georgia!" I run  in like "WHAT!?!?" lol

The girl in the photo.. Elizabeth she's a beast! But... for the record: I hate that Jessica "Phoenix" isn't on here with Swagger Crew too. She's an amazing dance-friend of mine. and def. a dancer that I look up to :]

I think she might still be on tour with the UniverSOUL Circus.. but still the crew needs her!

But anyway.. there is another dance crew from Atlanta called Royal Flush too. I was in shock with how the south is IN THERE hahaha. so ummmm... you know what that means... Georgia might be the new city to win this season :]

These dancers are naturals at what they do and very amazing!
Watch them dance and Vote :]

Saturday, January 23, 2010

the hunt is on

So I have 2 interviews on Monday. Dude I swear these jobs better not waste my freakin time. I HATE JOB HUNTING. I have sent my resume off to everybody and their mommas too. and what really makes me mad is when people don't contact me back.. yet they claim to be HIRING

Lately, I've been thinking.. what if I sent a personal letter or something to all of the jobs that I called millions of times, and the managers always made it seem like they were too busy to look over my resume while they were on the phone with me, or the job interviews that I've been to and never hear back from them again afterwards as to WHY they didn't hire me, or the super famous: JOBS THAT NEVER CALL ME BACK AFTER I CALLED THEM OVER AND OVER. -- in this letter, I would find the highest person that I can get in contact with.. and tell them my sucky experience with trying to work with their company lol

Although, they might not care.. but I think it might hit home to a few people that know how hard times are right now and how many people are in need of jobs.
the lesson to be learned: Be real with people, Don't lead them on!

:deep breath: ok well I hope I get hired Monday (lol!)

Here are some interesting things that should catch your attention :]
This 10 ways to really make your woman happy thing really made me remember the sweet things that I like and haven't had in forever.

This one is amazing 50 Life Secrets and Tips and you should visit it often to make your life better. Thanks to Him for passing this wonderful link to me :]

this video is funnnnnyyyyy... tell me, what would you do if you saw this behind you?

PS: lastnight was great to say the least :]

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

vote for me :]

I'm so not a competitive person at all but I figured I'd at least tell someone to vote for lil ol me at least lol. So even if I get one vote.. I'm happy with that lol.
It's for this cute contest that one of my blog buddies came up with.
so being that it's hers, I wanted to join in on the fun!
here's the link

Monday, January 18, 2010


sorry... if you didn't see the videos during the first 4 days of this post, the videos have been removed :[

OK so I just happened to type in AADR on YOUTUBE and there was footage of the show that I danced in last FEB here in Atlanta!! of course you can watch the whole thing and spot me... but I will pick out my favorite parts out of both videos for you to watch :]

I tried to get the actual code to the videos, but the guy told me that he couldnt post it because of the contract.. but told me that I'm free to use the links!

go to 29:20 and watch it to the end! I will be on the right in the blue and white PART 1

go to 24:27 and watch it to the end :] I will be on the right (again)just spot my afro lol. PART 2

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

please read.

I'm here in Atlanta now, and in need of a J-O-B so I'm searching.

but anyway.. I need to vent a little. I feel like a lot of my people in Savannah are kinda giving me the cold shoulder, because I left town. If I had a dollar for how many times I got not-so-nice messages saying "You didn't even say bye!" or "You could have told me you were leaving!" I'd be rich.

It is very irritating honestly, especially because of fact I didn't even know that I was officially leaving town until like 4 days ago. Yes 4 days! Maybe even 3! Heck I didn't even know what was going on.. yet people are hounding me like I'm the worst person for leaving town.


I had to quit my job abruptly without a 2 weeks notice, then me and my family had to pack the house which took forever. --Aside from that, I know way too many people to sit there trying to send individual text messages to anyone, give phone calls, or even to hang out before I left town. As fun as that would've been, I had more important things to tend to. It's been VERY stressful lately dealing with this move and if you know moving like I do.. then you'd know exactly where I'm coming from. I did not want to leave town, but this was a decision that my mother made and was completely out of me and my sisters control.

I posted the news in my blog, and then also announced it on facebook and twitter because that is the fastest way that I can get to everyone at once.
remember that.

 I never feel the need to explain my personal life often to everyone (which that isnt even half of the story)
-- but in this case I felt as though I needed to say something to those people that have been giving off all of the negative energy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm moving again.
No more working at Burlington, it's bittersweet. My co-workers were amazing there.
and as for Savannah, I came back here in May.. so 7 months in one place, I was doing good lol
I will ALWAYS come back to Savannah, it's the closest place that I have to call home and I love it.

this next place, I love it and I have a lot of friends there.. but I have been there and done that already.
but unfortunately back to Atlanta until the end of the year. and then?

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 photos :]

Performing, Modeling, Hanging with my friends when I was in Atlanta.. moving back down to Savannah..FIRSTAIDing a broken heart, 22nd Birthday, Going back and forth to ATL to visit my friends, Starting college, Building a closer long lasting bond <3
Hello There 2010 :]