Thursday, December 23, 2010

stretching earlobes

I think I started stretching my earlobes back in 2006, I didn't plan on stretching them too big... I just wanted to wear cooler earrings lol.

 I tend to look online at all of the different colors and designs.. then I just fall in love with them over and over :]

Here is some information if you don't know anything about stretching your earlobes
If your ears are pierced more than likely you were pierced at a 20gauge or 18gauge.
The bigger the number, the smaller the hole is.

I'm at a 2g. That was my stopping point, but my left ear is really stretchie and somehow stretched to a 0g.

These things in the photo above are called "tapers" its what you should use when stretching your ears. You should only go one size up, wait for your ears to heal which will be at least 1 month, and then move up again.

I ordered some amazing earrings from this lady named Ashleigh, she customizes them and shes got a nice selection in her online store too

I got these from her, but I got them in my favorite color: MINT GREEN with gold :]

Anyway, so I decided to blog about this because I'm experiencing my first "BLOW OUT" :[
(watch the youtube video at the bottom, he explains what it is)
it's a very small one, but it hurtssss
When I ordered those earrings, I told her I needed a 2g... but her 2's are big like they're 0's 
or maybe she really did send me zeros?

--So me being so excited, I just put the earrings in
First my left side: it's already a zero, so it was a breeze to slide it in
Then the right side: OOOH the burning pain!!
I thought to myself
"I'm pretty sure I just stretched my earhole bigger by mistake"
 Lastnight, I took it out.. my earlobe was red and very swollen.. and very gross
imagine a donut will jelly stuff in the middle lol.. except that jelly stuff was puss : /
so now I have to let my left earlobe heal.

OK thanks for listening to my gross story lol


Monday, December 20, 2010

Short and Sweet

So my morning was not the best that it could've been. I hate when my emotions are all over the place and I then I think too hard about a situation...

be mindful of the information that you share with a person. make sure you aren't stepping on anyones toes by being the big mouth.
sometimes, a person may not be ready to share information, it might just not be the right time to say it, or maybe they just wanted to sit on it for a while before it came to light?
Whatever the situation may be, you can't just take matters into your own hands when it has nothing to do with you.. atleast you should know not to do that right?

thats the easiest way to put it.

On another note --I know I know, I should've posted a long time ago.
I need a digital camera! I take so many photos for my blog and just because I love photography.. but now my phones memory is full.
I've been lazy and haven't bought a SD card with more storage space lol.

but here's a photo that Reagan took of me.. she's amazing.

I really want to start posting about my hair more.. since so many people always have questions about it, or leave me messages commenting on it lol.
My hair is all dark now :] 
 I cut all of the color off, and now my hair is twisted..
too bad I've got no photos lol guess I will have to get used to taking photos from my webcam : /

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pointe Ballet

So today, I finally started doing my research to find the perfect pair of shoes!

First off... let me tell you this crap. So my ballet teacher told me that he is going to be choreographing a pointe ballet piece for a famous person, can you guess who? Yup, Kanye West.

 And he said: "As much as you've been talking about doing pointe! Your name was the first name that popped up in my head, I wish you were doing pointe now"
I know some of you all are thinking "OKAY so start doing it so you can dance in the Kanye West piece"
--but pointe is not that simple. This audition that he is having is like next week... I'd need way more time to train.

Anyway, once I heard that I missed out on my chance, I thought to myself "Screw this! It's time to find a pair of pointe shoes" lol besides, its almost 2011.. I need to push myself to higher levels and make myself even more so rounded as a dancer.

I run into so many dancers that dislike ballet, and wonder why would I want to do pointe..
it is extremely beautiful to me, and has always been a passion of mine ever since I was supposed to go on pointe at the age of 16.
To make a long story short, I had to take a break from the expensive world of dance and lost almost all of my ability: no more strong ankles, no more flexible achilles tendons etc..

I have to admit... I am afraid of ruining my feet to this art though lol

These are Paloma Herrera's feet.. she is a principle ballet dancer of the American Ballet in New York, and one of my favorite ballerinas

I've heard that all you have to do is take good care of your feet while you're doing it, and you should be fine aside from blisters...
So I guess I will be finding out in the near future lol.

If youre interested in pointe ballet, here are two good links that give some good information on what to look for in a pointe shoe :]

There's an audition on Dec.22nd that I am so eager about.. I must book this gig! Anyway.. here's a youtube video of me and some of my dance buddies. This class was fun.. I'm sure it's easy to spot me?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Age and Relationships

Should this be an issue?

Me and a few of my buddies have chitchatted on this topic, and I've found it to be pretty interesting.
I figure anyone can date anyone, as long as they aren't underage lol. So really its all just a matter of which types of qualities you're looking for in a person.

As for me, I could easily see myself dating someone thats older than me.. late 20s/early 30s at most. I just have one request with that (it might sound a bit much): you have to be in decent shape and not look like an old fart lol. I guess it's easy for me to see myself dating someone in that age range because I've always been told that I'm mature for my age.
-- I was raised with 2 older sisters that are now 30 and 32 years old, I always hung out with people that were older than me in high school etc. It's always been a natural thing for me.
Maybe as I get older.. I will want to date younger lol, but at this time in my life... I can't see myself dating a younger person unless they are extremelyyy mature for their age. Which in fact, I actually know a few of my dance buddies that are younger than me, and are very mature..

Anyway.. Whats the youngest you'd date? What's the oldest?
Ever notice how when you hit a certain age, no one seems to care so much about age anymore? You just have to be old enough.. lol

OH yeah, don't forget about my other blog

Monday, November 15, 2010

dancing and modeling

I was one of the models for APG last week, and oh my goodness it was freezing cold outside lol. I felt like I was on America's Next Top Model, trying not to shiver and not to look cold lol.

So as I've said before, I'm going to be performing in the Zach Lee showcase, and I will be in Jessica's piece.. we have been practicing hard, while on top of this: the show date was pushed back.
Then this week I will start rehearsing with Julia, we are going to be performing in a fashion show for a designer named Damaris Bitencourth. ---Whom I will probably be modeling for in this fashion show also :]

This girl is amazinggg... her clothes are so interesting. I'd def wear her items.. check her website out

Anyway... I've been searching all day for a song to teach to next month. This is gonna be my first time officially choreographing... lol eeeek! but I feel like people need to see where my brain goes when I hear a song that I NEED to move to, so I plan to keep it very Vanisha-like lol.

I've been updating about me me and more me, I mean I know this is my blog and stuff lol, but I miss rambling about different life topics.. so I need to do that soon when I have some time..
--oh before I leave, don't forget about my tumblr page :]

Monday, November 1, 2010

the real news is at the bottom lol.

The shows last weekend went great, I think I pulled a muscle in my upper/inner thigh lol... but I'm OKAY! Thats what I get for letting peoples mean attitudes get in the way of me and my performance mode; that includes me warming up my body lol. Lesson learned.

Before I go on: My middle sister Andrea celebrated her 30th birthday this past weekend :] random, yet very amazing... now I'm the only sister in the 20s lol

ok but anyway..
I'm still recovering from the muscle pull, we had a week off, and of course I was still dancing. I need to learn how to take it easy. Today is my 3rd day not going to the dance studio, but tomorrow I will be back in there training for hours after I get off of work. We will start practicing for the big Zach Lee Showcase on Nov.13. So umm yeah, we only have 2 weeks to make this amazing lol which I know it will be, because I'm performing in Jessica Phoenix's piece who is also a member of Swagger Crew from America's Best Dance Crew.

They have some master classes coming up, so if you live in MD and you dance, go check them out!

"These dreams be wakin me up at night"
I am chasing my dreams... 
No one is going to hold my hand and take me there.. so I have to go out and get what I want on my own. I'm used to the hustle.. so this will just be another thing that I'm working towards lol. I will be buying a plane ticket before this year is up... with the plans to go away for a month (around the beginning of next year) and I might not come back if things go that well hahaha. I am on a mission. With that being said... if you live in New York City and need some company.. I'm your girl :]

And here's the popular kanye short film that everyone has been chittering about.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I whip my hair back and forth!

Let me start this off with Will Smith's daughters latest hit "Whip my hair" she has a video for it now! YEEES!

oh man.. so this past weekend, I met some of my favorite dancers! I was watching them in their rehearsal for the FootLoose movie that they're working on.. Tucker Barkley, Laura Edwards, Joshua Allen.. AMAZING dancers. I made sure I broke out of my little shell to speak to them briefly face to face. I don't know why I get so shy sometimes lol.
--I've posted many times about Tucker and Laura, but if you don't know who Joshua is.. this is him

But yeah while watching them rehearse, all of us "underdog" dancers (lol!) were on the other side of the two-way mirror like "UGH why arent we in there!? We can do that stuff too!" dude.. it can eat you alive when you're so hungry for something, yet can't get your hands on it just yet. But as I told them: "That'll be us one day." I'm patient, yet I am so ready to get signed as a dancer. I train hard, I take all styles of dance, have a "look" that works for me, I'm staying in shape.. I want it so bad. But something that a dancer must keep in mind: Just because youre "signed" to an agency does not mean that you'll get work lol.. thats a whole different story dude.

OK so I am being pushed to grow even moreso as a dancer... in the workstudy program that I'm in at the dance studio, we had a meeting yesterday and come to find out, they want us to choreograph a dance, and teach it to the other workstudy members! Mind you, I don't consider myself to be a choreographer.. I can do it if I need to, but the last time I did that was a whiiile ago lol. But, me and one of my dance buddies might become a pair and teach together :] Cedric is a well rounded dancer just as I am, we have an eye for the same styles of dance, and to top it off.. we are both such passonate people striving for the same things in dance. So the idea of me and him working together, and putting our styles together is very exciting! Oh.. and guess what? We were told that theyre rating our teaching skills to see if we have potential to be on the sublist or to even have our OWN class at Got2Dance! YAYYY!

Last but not least... I have 2 shows this week! I hope to see your face :]

Monday, October 11, 2010

quick post: faced my fear

well.. I've never been the type of person to be afraid of dogs, or any other animals.. simply because I love them.
--But today, while I was walking up to my door from the mall... I heard a loud bark followed by huge pounding steps coming towards me fast. ::heart drops instantly:: and the first thing that I thought was "oh my goodness, it's that guys dog from downstairs" dude... this dog is HUGE. The guy told us that he's half pitbull and half mastiff.. but to me, he looks like he's 100% mastiff.
He looks a lot like this mastiff, but he's all chocolate brown

So when I saw this dog running up the stairs towards me, I had to think fast...

1.) RUN!! lol but the dog would've caught me and that would've really made him want to attack me
2.) If I stay still and ignore him, will he go away?
3.) Act normal

here I am clinching my bags and trying my best to remain calm.. yet thinking to myself "This dog is about to bite my hands off" lol. So I started talking to him in my sweet voice (that pets love lol), just as I do with my dog.
"Well hello baby!! Awww thats a sweet boy" hahaha. He was wagging his tail once he saw me, but honestly.. seeing a dog that big charging towards me didn't look like anything good.
Dude once I made it indoors... my hands were shaking like crazy and my heart was pounding lol. I don't like the idea of being afraid of a dog like that, so I came back outside with doggy treats... yes I was being bold lol

I opened the door, made kissy sounds to get him to come to me.. and once again, I hear him barking, then my heart drops lol.
when he came to me, he gobbled the treats down fast. I wanted to let him take it out of my hand, but he almost bit my fingers with that huge mouth, so I threw them instead and then pet him for a while :]

I know this post was random.. but there are so many people that are deathly afraid of animals, and wouldve seriously freaked out in that situation. Keep in mind, all big dogs are not out to attack you, they can sense your energy so it's best to try to remain at ease as much as possible.

I wanted to speak more, but it's time for me to get in bed..
hope you all had a lovely day :]

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rihanna video? Kanye performance?

out of control lol..
my co-worker showed Rihanna's video to me while I was at work
"Have you seen the video? It's her and another girl all over each other" lol
I have no idea if this is brand new?.. I hardly ever watch tv.

Is it just me or does the beat sound a lot like Chris Brown's song "Deuces"?

and then.. my sister showed this Kanye performance to me, he used a lot of technical dancers.. which made it look amazing.. heck I just watched them the whole time lol.

So anyway, I went to LUSH like last week and bought a few items.. I love that place more and more everytime I make a purchase lol.

I bought the dark-angels cleanser for my oily skin and the mange-too massage bar that smells so good
can you say "Amazing"!?
Dude, click the links or go into a Lush store, and watch how easily you'll be in love

Yesterday, I hung out a lot! I went out to eat with some of my co-workers (hate that I didn't take photos!), then had lunch with Nate.

Had Mexican food, which I'm about to eat my left overs lol... so good.

He just kept making retarded faces.. he said that the sun was in his eyes lol!

 I haven't seen this boy in a lonnng time! Me, him and a few others used to have a dance crew in Savannah, and then me and him moved to Atlanta together for the first year. But it was cool to catch up outside of the texting and random phone calls here and there.
-- then I hung out with a new buddy thats also one of my customers at my job lol.. no photos for that either : / but we will catch it next time!
As you all should know, I have a show coming up.. (so save your money now!)

 I checked the computer at the dance studio to see how many classes I took for the month of Sept. it said 20! and thats not even including the rehearsals lol. So for this month, my goal is to take more than 20 classes :]

This is random but... For whatever reason, I've been taking more and more photos of what I've been eating lol

At a cafe by myself..

Out eating at this amazing Italian restaurant by myself... again lol
I left the dance studio and figured "Hm.. I'm gonna stop and eat at Figo before I go home" mind you, I had just eaten like not even 2 hours before that, and I still finished my food haha. So good!

My last thought to post..
Remember how I talked about how I've dyed my hair so many times? and that I've been trying to stay away from it? Well.. I've come to the conclusion that, if I dye it, I will just dye a small part of the front red lol. I'm a dancer/performer.. I have to keep my "look" fresh. I do miss my dark hair though, and I'm still cutting off my golden ends to get back to it.. but as far as dying my whole head again?
I don't see that coming.. unless I plan to cut it all off after that haha.

Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Your Passion?

So thats the flyer for the show! Come watch me and lots of other great dancers perform, you will be touched :]

anywaaay last weekend was amazing, full of dancing, and spending time with other dancers and stuff.. I spoke to Sean Bankhead, met a few LA dancers too.. then we actually did a run through of the show for next month, and all of the other dancers were sitting there watching while everyone performed their pieces! When I tell you, everyone was so nervous lol... everyones dance routines are still a work in progress, but I worked myself up for no reason, because it ended up being cool...

Here's another headshot that I will be using.

Yesterday, I had a meeting about my internship at the dance studio... Jessica just wanted to check up on me, see how my training was going, and also to see if she could help improve the direction of my dance career. She advanced all of my classes when she found out how well I was doing in the advanced ones lol, and then asked me "Are you a signed dancer?" she told me that it's time to get signed.. and started to make some phone calls for me :]
I'm so glad that I have someone like her around, she's like my dance manager lol

I'm relaxing today, one of my co-workers wanted to take my shift, so I figured  I'd use the day to get some rest :] I'm about to soak in the tub, my body is soooore.. even my toes are sore from ballet!! --Whatever those bones are on the top of your foot... they ache lol. Ballet is no joke..

OK I have to end this now, I'm about to go to the movies shortly... but I'm gonna try to post during the weekends, thats when I have the most free time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lo sientooo

I've been extremely busy lately.. I mean to the point that my alarm is set for every single day of the week except for Sunday, because I leave out at 11am and I'm already up at that time lol
Let me paint a picture for you, my schedule yesterday:
work 8:30am-4:00pm
dance class 5:30pm-6:30pm
work at the dance studio 6:30pm-9:30pm
dance practice 9:30pm-11:00pm

I didn't make it home until 1am.. I got stranded and everything lol. On top of it all, either my allergies have started or I'm getting sick :[
I called into work today.
Much needed rest, took some meds, drank greentea with a lot of honey.
All of this running around is hard on my body, I have to get some more Vitamin C packets today because I can not afford to get sick.

Random: but I finally weighed myself, I always get on the scale 3 different times to triple check. Tell me why the first time said 114lbs, then the last two said 111lbs!? WTF lol. I have gained so much muscle tone, how did this happen? I should be like 125lbs.. being that muscle weighs more than fat, but I don't know whats going on lol.. not only that but I'm eating so much food!
..oh well :]

I have a performance next month called passion2dance 
I will be dancing in two different pieces.. it was 3 at first, but I had to cut one : /
You can go to that link and buy your tickets. But the money is going towards better treatment for cancer patients. I don't know if you all remember (the ones that have been reading my blog for a while now) but my step-father passed away Jan.2009, and he was battling cancer for years.. so I'm very glad to be supporting this show.. I will be dancing for Warren :]

I'm dancing in Q Lamar's piece

Who is an amazing dancer, very well known around Atlanta... all of us younger dancers go to him for the 411 in dancing lol. I'm so excited that he saw something in me, and wanted to use me in his piece

And I'm dancing in Brent and Khalil's piece


They're an amazing pair. A lot of times, dancers tend to "match" with certain choreographers.. I match with Khalil's dance style.. he's so fun and his spirit just shines when he dances.. I love it.

But on another note, my oldest sister Sereda came down to visit from Baltimore!

Andrea (the middle sister), Sereda (the oldest), and me "the baby" lol

We took so many pictures with her digital cam, not only that, but I got one of my photography buddies to take photos of us too.. I havent even seen those yet, but I'm sure they're gonna be amazing :]
UPDATE: here's 2 from the shoot

I love this photo lol.. my oldest sister is making the same face that I always make.. that wide mouthed, ultra excited, happy face hahaha
by the way-- she's coming back in 2 weeks!

      my sister dressed me up like how she dresses everyday. this was the concept of the shoot at first because my sister is putting together a book on how to dress afrocentrically with fabric etc..
I loved it.. I felt like an African queen! haha.. I will most def dress this way here and there.. too bad the weather is getting cool : /

nextly :]
DUDE guess what? I got asked to go to NYC next weekend to perform, but I can't do it.. my schedule is too busy, and I have an auditon lol..
it's so weird that that same weekend has popped up twice to travel to ny. interesting.

To end this, here is my new headshot.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

101 followers yay.. and thank you :]

I love it when I have photoshoots, I'm always around people that are older than me for the most part.. a mature crowd. But it gets even better when we are able to build friendships.. outside of me just modeling for them, or them just taking photos of me.

So yesterday, I was told that "All women, especially young attractive ones, are able to get whatever they want from a man. Many women have their rules about what kinds of guys they'll marry, or just what they want in general from a man: 'I will marry rich', 'I want a big family', 'I want a big house', 'I want a man that can care for me' ---when dealing with a woman who knows exactly what she wants, it can be dangerous for man.. because most men are weak-minded when it comes to the opposite sex. When he's her target, it will be extremely hard for him to get out of her reach." He also mentioned how a lady will "pick" through men until she's pleased with ones qualities.

I laughed when I heard him say all of this, because a lot of it sounds very familiar from us women. This is a bad quality if you're one of those women with such high standards.. those are usually the women that are trying to tie a man down lol. But I just figured I'd mention what he said, because I personally needed to hear that... it gave me that "YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!!" feel lmao ..duuumb!

Anyway, here's a few shots from a few of the photographers that I worked with this past week..

Kimberly Murray was the person that took this photo of me.. I just love her energy when we shoot, she's so sweet :]

And Melissa did these last two here...

oh!! and here's some highlights... I rode on the back of my buddys motorcycle last week and fell in love with it lol. It's weird because that was my 3rd time ever riding on one, but man I had an amazing time... and we went FAST! Not carelessly though, I wanted to feel what the speed was like, and I sure did at 120mph hahaha. Amazing. and now I am addicted. I want one!!! But I must keep talking myself out of that, I don't need to ever own a motorcycle lol... they're dangerous. I will ride on the back of one as often as possible though :]

I was taken out to eat this past Saturday. And enjoyed the night with like 7 other people lol.

My sushi was so good super crunch rolls.. salmon on top, crab inside mmhmm

That was my view from across the room.. we had our own personal room at the restaurant where we also had to take off our shoes and ate the traditional way :]
We went and hung out at one of their houses afterwards.. listening to music, rapping and singing the songs together.. then we went out to this club called Tongue and Groove lol.. I raised an eyebrow at that name too lol! That was my first time going out to a nightclub this year, and it was very much so well worth it! They took so many photos while we were dancing at the club and even did video mode hahaha.. I dont know who has the photos, but if I see them.. I will share! UPDATE: literally not even 10min after I posted this, they tagged me in a few on facebook hahaha

Had I not met my lovely French friend, Anja, I would have never even been acquainted with these people.

Man I look high lol. I swear all of the smoke in clubs do something to me! look at my eyes! lol.
by the way: I DO NOT SMOKE

That is definitely my hand around that girls waist lol.. and me laughing about something (I can see my big mouth) I don't even know her name but she was there with us lol

YEEES for giving the kissy face all night long lol. Me and Gera (the girl in the blue shirt) got along easily for our first time meeting each other that night... a new friendship in the making. She's from Africa, yet has a strong English accent lol.. I imitate her, and she laughs :]

Anyway... I like answering these random questions and posting them for the ones that don't know much about me :]
1. Initials: VRD

2. Name someone with the same birthday as you: my old manager.. robin

3. Favorite fruit: pineapples/mangos

4. For or against same sex marriage: For.. although I really don't care, that topic is played the heck out. let people do what they want!

5. Are you allergic to anything: certain types of metal

6. Are you bisexual: People may say that, but I don't label myself. I date who I want :]

7. Have you ever slept in someone elses clothes? Yes

8. How many U.S states have you been to? too many to count! i've been up and down the whole east coast, from canada to miami.. and some other states..

9. How many of the U.S states have you lived in? 4. Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Ohio.

10. Have you ever lived outside the U.S? I was born in Europe.

11. Name something physical you like about yourself? Mis piernas :] my legs

12. Something non-physical you like about yourself? My free spirit

13. Do you have any pets? Si... un perro.. a dog. I used to have a cat, but not anymore :[

14. What is your dream car? A CHALLENGER

15. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Thats a hard one.. probably Germany or Brasil.

16. Are you bipolar? no...

17. What dream car do you want your husband/wife to drive? I really don't care

18. Where would you want to go on a first date? we can go chitchat over food.. or to a park... or something..

19. Would you date the person who posted this before you? I don't even know that dude..

20. Has anyone ever sang or played for you personally? Yes

21. Ever been kissed under fireworks? Nope.. I don't think so..

22. What was the last text message you received: "Sup looove" lol

23. Have you ever bungee jumped? nope

24. Have you ever white water rafted? nope.. that would be wild lol

25. Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you? Mmmmmhm :]

26. Are you racist? nope..

27. What song are you listening to right now? The TV commercials

28. What’s your favorite song at the moment?  thats a hard one.. deuces has been stuck in my head like crazy.. Usher "okay" Amy Winehouse "stronger than me" but I do know one thing, I heard this ladygaga song "teeth" and I must dance to that one day lol..

29. What was the last movie you watched? I don't remember the name of it..

30. Where was the last place you went besides your house? My job

31. Have you ever seriously vandalized someone else’s property? nope

32. Have you ever hit someone of the opposite sex? in a playful manner, yes.

33. What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? their build.. thin and toned... stocky.. skinny.. big and muscular etc.

34. What’s your fav. body part on the opposite sex? their arms or stomach if theyre in good shape lol.. i always notice arms.

35. What do you usually order from Starbucks? The strawberries and cream drinks

36. Say something totally random about yourself: I like polishing my nails lol

37. Do you have an iPod? Si..

38. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity? They mostly say "You remind me of Erykah Badu" or the last comment was Corrine Bailey lol... big compliment, but of course it's only because of my natural look :]

39. Do you have freckles? no I wish! my mother has pretty freckles

40. Are you comfortable with your height? Sure I am.. but it wouldve been nice to be just 2inches taller so that I could do more modeling lol.

41. Do you love someone right now? it doesn't matter if I do... I have no one to call mine anyway

42. How tall are you? 5’5 :]

43. Do you speak any other language other than english? My spanish is decent...

44. Have you ever ridden in a limo? actually... no

45. Has anyone you were really close to passed away? Yes.. my stepfather Warren and a very good friend from high school Charlie... I miss them both
46. Do you watch MTV? rarely.

48. What’s something that really annoys you? When people lead me on.

50. Do you like Michael Jackson? Of course... I'm a dancer

51. Have you ever surfed? on my boogey board when I was little haha.. but not on a surf board.. I will one day!
52. Do you know how to pump gas? of course.

53. Do you drive? Nope..

54. What’s the latest you have ever stayed out? til the sun came up the next morning

55. Have you ever thought that you were honestly going to die? kind of, with the accidents I've had when I was younger.. always coming home with a bloody face/elbows/knees etc from biking.. skating.. or even skateboarding lol...

56. Were you ever rushed by an ambulance into the emergency room? nope

57. Have you ever been dared to do something you didn’t want to do? of course lol..

58. What’s your favorite state to live in? oooh thats hard. I love Georgia.. I love New york.. I love Florida

59. What color is your hair? Dark brown and light brown.

60.What color are your eyes? Dark brown.

61. Do you have any special talents? I'm a dancer :]

62. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? I don't drink anyway.. I love smoothies!!

63. Favorite city? Savannah, NYC, and Miamiiii

64. Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull? no lol.. that would be fun and very funny

65. If you were working on a pirate ship, what would you most likely be? I don't know ??

66. Who do you live with? one of my sisters and her boyfriend..

67. Last thing you watched on TV?  the T.O. show

68. Do you wear glasses or contacts? Neither.. I have 20/20 vision, but I like to wear glasses from time to time.. I like how I look in them lol

69. Do you like to sleep ? Sure I do.. but not all day.

and to end this..
Me and my sister laugh at this clip of family guy all of the time. ULTRA funny

I absolutely love this video... it brings emotion out of me like crazy especially with how I was feeling last week, I've watched it way too many times.

I was going to show you all the people that I'm gonna be dancing for within the next months, but I got lazy lol. I will do that during the next post. I will say this though, all things happen for a reason: I was planning to go out of town during the weekend of Sept17-19 yet those plans got canceled abruptly.. but guess what? A special audition that I've been waiting for is happening on Sept 17th and 18th.. I will not miss this! It's crazy how things work..