Saturday, December 26, 2009

wow I haven't posted in over a week!

Thats a first lol. and it's only because I've been back and forth doing a million different things.

--ANYWAY a message to my followers, and newer followers.. thank you so much for reading!!! I always try to make my rounds to your blogs.. just bare with me, I will always leave a comment :]
The best news is that I passed my first online class with an A :] yayyy for me! AND I FINALLY HAVE PROOF THAT I'M AN AMERICAN!!!!!!! Let me tell you, it is not easy being born outside of the USA if you don't have proper idenification to prove your citizenship. But now I don't have to worry about that anymore I'm about to get my passport next WHEEEEEW!

I even hung with Allen the other day! Me and Allen were so close in high school, he was my best male friend, and certainly will always be a great close friend of mine :] It's such a good thing to keep in contact with your close friends.

AND I also saw Ryan that day too. He's a buddy of mine that I originally met through Allen.. it was so good to see him, it felt like the old high school days when we all used to hang together!

 I made myself twist my hair yesterday.. I'm gonna try to keep it this way for a

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! That was from yesterday, me and my family spent Christmas day with my late step-father's family.
lol@ me always taking photos in someones bathroom.. you actually can't tell that it's a bathroom in this photo though.. or maybe because it's small, you can?

happy birthdays again: My mother's birthday was Dec.21st, My cousin Frank's birthday was Christmas day. Congratulations to my cousin Angela giving birth to a baby boy last week, and to my cousin Toya on her engagment as of yesterday too. hahaha so much new news within my huge family I can't even keep up.

A lot of my friends are in town due to the holidays, gotta do more visiting while they're here!
anyway, I will post again soon.. I still have more to say but I'm lazy lol