Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I got an early Christmas gift :]

happy birthday to my oldest sister today who is now 32 :]

After I had been commenting on so many blogs that posted about "Great Christmas Gifts" and wasn't expecting to get anything...I got a laptop!!! My father and my step-mother bought me one, you all have no idea how much I needed my own.

There are a lot of good deals on the HP website, here's the link details to mine if you want one :]

AND!!! There's a new puppy in my house :] I got him for my mother, but it'll still be all of our doggy in a way haha. When my cat Cutie-Patutie saw this little Chihauhau.. he didn't look too happy : /
the dog barked at my cat and scared him away. I want them to get along like RIGHT NOW, but I'm glad that my cat hasn't growled or hissed at him... well not yet lol

He is very small..he's a little ball of energy, and not even 4months.. my mother hasn't named him yet.

moving right along.. where the heck can I find panties like these, I wonder!? I thought they would be on the Victoria's Secret website.. but I didn't have any luck finding them.

Lindsay Lohan looks lovely in her freckled skin :]

last but not least, my buddy Brandis got a picture with Robin Thicke on her birthday which was dec.14th, she went to 106th&park

lol @ his sweat mark, looks like he gets those moments too hahaha

here's his lovely hit, my goodness I love this song!