Friday, December 11, 2009

Me Love You Long Time


I've noticed everyone is posting about their wishes and wants for this holiday season. My family and I  don't really do Christmas gifts anymore, but who says that I can only get these items as Christmas gifts!? lol.
So.. to start: I LOVE ANYTHING THAT IS BETSEY JOHNSON, her stuff is girly, flashy.. just perfect.

Betsey Johnson

Rhinestone Bow Ring

Ring Purple Pave BowAntique Gold

How weird that I found this ring right after I decided what I would love to get tattooed

If I got it right there, the bow would be a lot smaller. It would just be a basic bow without the skull and without the little bow on top. I want too many tattoos lol

This Jessica Simpson swimsuit is at my job, and the photo does it no justice! Theres also a heart right above the butt area in the back. it's so cute.. I dont think people know how cute her line is , at least I know I didn't lol .. here's one of her bags that is at my job too... I want it.

It's even more so lovely because it opens like a clutch! amazinngggg. It's also interesting that this purse is $94.00 or something like that on her website, but at my job it's like 50. I need to buy myself a gift lol

I want a WII. if not that, ANY GAME SYSTEM.. I love video games, I would literally sit in front of the TV for hours playing lol.

ok.. I'm tired of thinking about the things that I like. I guess I will post things until Christmas lol just for something to do. I'm ready for Christmas to be over with, I'm usually THE GRINCH hahaha but I love NEW YEARS!!