Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was a Kitty :] My mother did my face for me.. hahaha I thought it was cute!

Sooo me, my bestfriend Reisha, her boyfriend Drew, and one of our co-workers Ivy all went downtown to a few bars to enjoy the night. My my myyy the costumes were sooo funny

They wasted NO TIME grabbing drinks from the bar.. by the way I don't drink, and I never have.

Reisha in her Scottish costume lol... I shouldve takin a picture of how short her skirt was... lol wtf

Her and Drew.. they are always all super lovey dovey in public lol it gets out of hand!

Drew was a blur in this one, he was trying to jump in hahaha. --theres Ivy.. and more public affection from reisha and drew lol

Then we headed to the dance floooooor! I saw so many of my highschool buddies in there!! and guess what they played? THRILLER.. dude, everyone in the club starting doing at least 1 Michael Jackson <3>

Ivy got so drunk.. oh my goodness she wanted to take pictures with every guy that she thought was sexy or cool looking in their costumes.. and of course she would drag me along, because I dont talk to random half naked guys in public lol. But I never turn down a photo :]

After we left downtown.. EVERYTHING started to get out of control. We all got one-boobee-flashed by Ivy.. which is SOOO funny. ---and then Ivy needed to use the bathroom but there wasnt one around, shes like "I cant go outside!! someone will see me!!"... so Drew says "Well I sure will do it!" ::starts peeing in the alley:: then Ivy starts doing it.... and pees on her feet LMAO next in line... reisha hahaha.

I guess thats what happens when people get drunk huhhh?! Man I was laughing at all 3 of them peeing everywhere, I'm surprised no one saw it happen!

NEXT they wanted to get something to eat. We went to IHOP and oh my goodness they took FOREVER, they ended up falling asleep at the table lol!

(his head is in her lap lol)

the back of ivy's head lmao

and the kitty at the table snappin photos at 4am :]

by the time the food came.. Ivy had already thrown up in the bathroom so we just got the food to go which was a complete waste of a stop lol.

Twas a Fun Night full of Laughs :]