Wednesday, October 21, 2009

walking on air

One of my favorite photographer buddies in Atlanta (BRIAN) sent this photo of me yesterday :]

anyway... watch this clip of So You Think You Can Dance! Mia Michaels was teaching some amazing choreography to some song called WALKING ON AIR, and I hate that I can seem to find the FULL dance on youtube. I wish I was there to experience this.

And uhhh why do I already want another tattoo? this is so horrible! I thought that after I got my second one, I'd be content at least until next year. Well I haven't even had this for 2 months.. what a shame! I guess tattoos are like piercings.. addictive! I always want something pierced lol

--nina sky's tattoos are LOVELY. They look grand with their style. I think it's so cute how they got tattoos for EACH OTHER.. twins always have such a cute close relationship.
I want a sweet bond like that with someone!