Sunday, October 18, 2009

speaking with the body

here's 2 dance videos that I enjoyed during an older season of So You Think You Can Dance. They were a good pair together :]
The first video is a Krumping routine! Kherington certainly wasn't confident doing this dance. she was sooo nervous about it because she had never done it before. yet Twitch know's all about gettin "BUCK" lol.
DUUUDE i have to admit: SHE WAS KILLING IT IN THE BEGINNING!!! she surprised me lol.. the energy was amazing.
although the judges were hard on Kherington since her confidence went down like in the middle of the performance and she messed up on 2:03 but thats alright, she didn't freeze and she picked it right back up :] watch this..

and here's another one with them in it.. it's so touching!!! and the choreographer was Mia Michaels, she is so freakin GRAND. I MUST take a class from her one day.. it's a goal of mine :]
ahh just watch!

OH and here's a good read from my blog buddy AtlBOMBChell.. it's about racism. If you havent checked her blog out yet, you're like way over due lol.