Friday, September 25, 2009

my friends are silly

so kanomi called me saying "did you get my email?" i said "no.. what email?" shes like "the pictures of my boyfriend" like wtf since when did she have a boyfriend?? lol i shouldve known she was being retarded.
sure enough i check my email and i see this: the so-called boyfriend named JIMMY is KANOMI dressed as some thug hahaha! she laughed so hard telling me about how her and lloyd (my other friend) went to walmart while she was dressed like that, and some girls tried to approach her, but quickly had a change of heart when they heard her girly voice hahahaaa

something else thats funny about kanomi, is that when we go out in atlanta.. people always think shes the singer Keri Hilson

its that freakin hair!

ummm but yeah my job interview did go well! i wont know anything until like sunday though, but yeah :]
oh and umm my brasilian sugah Juliane called me today.. weird cause I was just thinking about her earlier, she informed me that she's gonna be doing a speech soon about her battle with cancer and how she's surviving.. she's an amazingly strong woman

I love these 2 modeling photos of her :] gorgeoussss
she's representing in miami!! the way, i'm doing a cancer walk with my job on Oct. 2nd, I lost my stepfather to cancer on jan29, 2009. so it'll be in loving memory of him, and supporting juliane through all of that :]