Sunday, September 20, 2009

short and sweet

so much going on in this photo. its funny because tyrell didnt know either of us were in the shot, nor did kanomi know i was behind her.. nor did we know the middle eastern couple was in the photo either! lol

man.. theyve been working me like crazy! I mean it's to the point that my body is achey whenever I leave work.
I need a serious massage. --Speaking of massages I want one of those asian massages where they stand on your back, but I need a little 4 year old to do mine lol! I'm gonna look up how to give someone a massage like that, even though I'm good at massaging with my hands lol.
ANYWAY freaky minded people lol

if you wanna start studying a language, you should so get on this website it was passed onto me by my best guy, and wow does it come in handy!