Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wild head

I went running in the rain this morning, how refreshing!! My hair looked sooo wild today lol I'm glad I came across my other CROWN (hat) that my sister made for me...the colors are so pretty! Gotta wear it sometime soon..Buuuut me and my buddies (terry and keshia) went out to eat, and to the movies today! They both had their little dates except for me lol... I was fine though :] terry payed me attention still lol and besides, I'm used to being alone.. So I was busy taking pictures of myself lol while terry jumped in lots of them.We went to see that scary movie called last house on the left...dude don't go see that movie if you don't have a high tolerance for wild stuff in movies. I have a high tolerance for these things, and I'm STILL in shock about the sexual rape scene that's in it. It was so RAW!!! Such raw material, to the point it disgusted me... it was DISTURBING TO WATCH. It was so Real!! High five to the girl playing the victim in that part.


Now here's some photosAll taken from this past weekend... let your eyes shy over the sweat mark lmaoHere's

Today I actually just lounged around!!!! Back to my work out plan in the AM!I got offered a dance gig today!! A TAP gig!!! Lol tap is a very....scary/challenging dance style for me.. I love it to death, and the secret is: I really haven't tapped since I was like 16!!!-- but somehow I pull it off lol. I used to be on a competition team for jazz and tap dance when I was 15 and 16. I was the only black girl, and the youngest.. It was a class ranging from 18-28. So yeah they put my butt to the test and it was hard work lol. I had to tap for The African American Dance Review last turned out good actually. Gotta do a little model figure photoshoot this weekend.. Yeah, back to the hustle lol