Saturday, March 21, 2009

out of control lastnight

So we went to the club last, it wasn't hype until like 1am... no one was dancing but people were in there. then of course, i started catching contact with all of the smoke in the air.. black&milds, cigarrettes, weed etc. I'm like "ughhh i cant breathe!!", I started feeling really dizzy/lightheaded once again lol.

So I tell keshia and terry that im going to the bar to get a drink (you know i dont drink so i had my mind set on some juice lol) so as I'm walking through the club.. someone grabbed me, and hugged my excitedly, guess who I was!?!?! PORSHIA!!!! ahhh she came into town and I finally saw her!

So here we are standing at the bar taking pictures in the blue bright lights lol

(my camera sucks in dark places)

THEEEN me and my buddy keva tore the dance floor up when "SINGLE LADIES" Came on lol!! Gosh I wish that moment was Youtubed. Even when the reggae songs came on, we killed it :]. Had a crowd around us watching us dance hahaha... there's more photos, but I just haven't been to the computer to post. Too much is going on.. I need sleep, but there's no time for sleep! time to go out with my buddies all day again, and go live the night life!