Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fact: I hate moving things

The only thing that kept me sane was the gorgeous morning I experienced today lol.
Everyone was calling me from savannah either drunk and excited or just having an amazing time during the big st.patricks day celebration. Telling me about what was going on at every moment lol. Still trying to get my hands on some visuals, cause the videos my mother sent me SUCKED lol. I wish I had made there!

So I had to move my things out of storage this afternoon, and in with my roommate/dance partner/ buddy/ lol :] for the time being. I didn't plan to.. But she wanted me to.. I always try to avoid moving things. I HATE IT. I think its because I moved around so much when I was growing up. I went to like 11 or 12 different schools (way too many) I lived in 4 different states, and was born overseas. So you can see how it gets annoying. When I start getting a lot of furniture I'm gonna always hire someone to move my things... yes that's how bad I hate it, I don't wanna do it AT ALL... could I pay them to pack my things too?

I was getting impatient with the long rides. Like "get me out of this truck or shoot me"

But look what I saw at the petstore before we started moving my things!!!

Yessss a tarantula!!! They're so cool looking... I wanna hold one.

I'm so glad that moving bs is out of the way, now the next task is to move my things out of the guest bedroom, and into my own room. How fun :straight face:
Lol well at least i have all of my shoes and clothes now

Gorgeous Morning

Happy St.Patricks Day!! I didn't make it home to Savannah :[. But my family and friends are gonna send me photos from the big celebration, and I shall share !I started running around 8:00am, 2 hours later then when I usually go. It was wayyy too gorgeous outside to NOT go, it was foggy.. Yet the sun was starting to shine through the thick trees. So pretty! I thought to myself how thankful I am to see such a nice few. Lol might sound lame but for real! :]During my run, a little cute kitty ran up to me, I wanted to take a picture of him, but didn't. He was orange with a pink nose, and gold eyes.. Aw !