Saturday, March 14, 2009

my favorite animal :] a SLOTH

ok so i really had to take the time out to talk about this, i feel very passionate about these little guys :] ::gets all excited:: hahaha

awww look at the baby one! I WANT ONE :hops: lol
but yes.. a sloth, the slowest moving mammal on earth. i dont mean they move slow when they want to... they cant move fast. these are really unqiue animals, which is probably why i did EVERY school report on them when i was in school hahaha.

this one is still young too, already smiling :] theyre very shy animals when it comes to humans. they spend most of their lives in trees, upside down, and sleeping.. they sleep about 15 to 20 hours per day (im doing this off of the top of my correct me if im wrong lol). they do everything upside down.. they even give birth like that, their organs are in different areas too, since they dont sit upright much.

they eat plants and crap, theres a 2toed sloth and a 3toed sloth (obviously based on how many claws they have) the 2 different kinds do look different in appearance, the 3toed sloth has a longer neck and small eyes. there are a few more species but thats the broad version :] they hide from prey by just sitting still hiding in the trees, or of course, by their super slow movements.  jaguars, eagles, and alligators tend to be their main predators when they come out of the trees, which is only about once a week, either to go potty or which trees lol. theyll grow bluegreen algae on their fur due to hangin in the trees for so long, and then to top it off they lick it off of their fur for nutrients (ew lol)  this sloth above is actually clean  (he mustve went swimming lol) compared to what they tend to look like haha

awww look at him trying to make it across the street... id kill the person that runs one of these over lol. sloths can't walk, they have really weak limbs from just hanging around in the trees. not only that, but their claws are super they just drag themselves along the ground. Sloths are very good swimmers though, ive read that they tend to just drop right out of the trees and fall into the water, rather then taking like a whole freakin day to get down out of the tree and get into the water lol. heck i'd take the short cut too if i were them lol.

i was lucky enough to see one in person when i went to the zoo in ohio :] i was telling my sister "what if they have a sloth here?" and as soon as i said that, they brought one out on his tree during the pet show lol. you shouldve seen how fast i ran to the stage!!! but all of those stupid little kids were in the way lol i was toooo mad, they wouldnt let us get close though : /
ive been trying to find a sound clip of how they sound, but no luck ugh!

one day, im gonna go to the rain forest in south america, and find one on my own!! whos coming with me!? lmao...