Tuesday, March 10, 2009

APG photoshoot

ohhh i thank marc for calling me up today and needing me to model for the group (APG Atlanta Photography Guide). Thats money in my pocket, lots of new photos from every photographer there, and lots of cool photographers around me! how could you say no to such a nice ofter? :]

ok ok sooo i see photographers are already posting some of the photos on flickr, i will share a few!
OOooh!! I modeled with a guy today, and i think we accomplished what ive been wanting to do!
he was kinda shakey when we first started.. he was thinking wayyy to hard lol like: "ok im gonna put my hand here and you put your head back" lol im like wtf hahaha just go with the flow. it should feel NATURAL. he was gay, but only id know that, he was quite masculine so i was fine with it lol.. im glad he was gay too cause some unprofessional male models dont know how to act when they see the female models hahaha

i had fun tonight though.. i love seeing the photographers that i have chemistry with. i took a few photos with some of them, but i didnt get a chance to take a picture with one of the man guys i connect with, hes like 24.. one of the youngest guys out there.
with modeling you have to connect with the photographer to get good shots... its weird but it works!

2 weird things i noticed when i signed onto flickr tonight: one, some random guy wrote me a short poem, and two, some freakin psycho FOOTFETISH dude just added me as a contact on there!!WTF maaan this dudes gallery has nothing but like nasty feet in it wtf "Atlanta Feet on da Street" lmaoooo!! so nasty! maybe i need to take down every freakin photo of mine that shows my feet... who knows what he was doing whilst eyeing those : / ::BARF:: youve got to see this bs  http://www.flickr.com/photos/26586803@N08/

MORE PHOTOS LATER... tonight wouldve been perfect if i didnt miss BRB :wink: hahaha i love it


is exactly what i've turned into lol
well i bet people will say that, but its more so just wanting to be "in great shape"
i made a goal for myself to be in the best shape ive ever been in, by may 1st. 
..now when i say that, i get all kinds of reactions like 
"um then what are you now?? ..out of shape!?" 

FACT: just because you have a small figure DOES NOT mean you're in shape lol
just as if youre some huge dude.. dont get excited, 
cause it doesnt always mean youre in good shape... thats probably fat hahaha

---actually in the picture above, I wasnt in shape at ALL
thats just how i look when i havent been exercising. 
wait, now that i think about it..
thats back when i used to walk EVERYWHERE 
so i take that back i did exercise, but not to this extent.

Usually i dont tell people when im trying to get in better shape
cause a lot of people hound me about it, or get the wrong idea
no im not one of those girls thats trying to be a size ZERO 
(i wear a ONE lol)
i just want to be more toned then what i am naturally, im not working out to lose weight
if i lose weight in the process then i will just be replacing fat with muscle 
and yes i do have FAT on my body just as anyone else does lol
its a small percentage but its there
aside from all of that, everyone should do some sort of exercising reguardless of size..
its good for you over all!

ok so, I've been dancing a lot, doing ab workouts like crazy, and now i just finished my first morning run :]
I got up at 6:00am I just wanted to be out before the sun came up, and now I'm noticing I could've slept longer lol
but yes I'm excited about this, and super determined.