Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've been awarded :]

Thank you Hawa I greatly appreciate that!!! I love her blog, it's sweet, simple, yet her photos are so elegant and amazing.
Sooo since I've been given this award, I now have to tell some facts about myself.. I dont know how many so I'm just naming the basics!

1. I'm a professional dancer (ballet, tap, jazz, hiphop, african etc) and I do modeling on the side off and on lol

2. I was born in Germany, I have 3 sisters, I was raised as the baby of the family, but now I share that spot with my youngest sister whom lives in Germany.

3. I have lived in Tennessee, Georgia (now), Ohio, Alabama, and I went to 11 or 12 different schools. We moved a lot to say the least lol

4. I'm 22 years old, I'm 5'5", and like 120lbs the last time I checked months ago lol.. I have 3 facial piercings

5. umm I've dated women in the past, but I have my eye on a certain special guy lol

6. I love hot weather, and I love the water, if i could spend everyday of my life dancing, traveling, and going to beautiful beaches.. i'd be the happiest person lol

7. I'm in school finally! I will be studying languages :] my Spanish is decent. Yet throughout the day I'm always blurting out random words or phrases that I know in other languages haha

Now, I have to pass this on to some of my favorite blog buddies.. and favorite blogs that I visit often.
First,to  ATLBombChell her blog is so interesting, and her posts are always about things that almost anyone can relate to, or benefit from. Her photos are cute and she has nice English accent lol.
SierraLuella Her blog is very down to earth, as I read, it seems like she's talking to me personally lol. She's always chasing dreams as I am too.. beautiful!
My creative Portuguese Natty I'm so getting a Brasilian Bikini from her, she has talent! We have chitchatted through numerous emails, and now skype lol
Can I pass this to a guy? lol CorveDaCosta blogging from Jamaica :] He covers a lot of current events in his blog.. I love it!

Well I hope some of you learned some new things about me! --and Thank you again Hawa :]
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