Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've been awarded :]

Thank you Hawa I greatly appreciate that!!! I love her blog, it's sweet, simple, yet her photos are so elegant and amazing.
Sooo since I've been given this award, I now have to tell some facts about myself.. I dont know how many so I'm just naming the basics!

1. I'm a professional dancer (ballet, tap, jazz, hiphop, african etc) and I do modeling on the side off and on lol

2. I was born in Germany, I have 3 sisters, I was raised as the baby of the family, but now I share that spot with my youngest sister whom lives in Germany.

3. I have lived in Tennessee, Georgia (now), Ohio, Alabama, and I went to 11 or 12 different schools. We moved a lot to say the least lol

4. I'm 22 years old, I'm 5'5", and like 120lbs the last time I checked months ago lol.. I have 3 facial piercings

5. umm I've dated women in the past, but I have my eye on a certain special guy lol

6. I love hot weather, and I love the water, if i could spend everyday of my life dancing, traveling, and going to beautiful beaches.. i'd be the happiest person lol

7. I'm in school finally! I will be studying languages :] my Spanish is decent. Yet throughout the day I'm always blurting out random words or phrases that I know in other languages haha

Now, I have to pass this on to some of my favorite blog buddies.. and favorite blogs that I visit often.
First,to  ATLBombChell her blog is so interesting, and her posts are always about things that almost anyone can relate to, or benefit from. Her photos are cute and she has nice English accent lol.
SierraLuella Her blog is very down to earth, as I read, it seems like she's talking to me personally lol. She's always chasing dreams as I am too.. beautiful!
My creative Portuguese Natty I'm so getting a Brasilian Bikini from her, she has talent! We have chitchatted through numerous emails, and now skype lol
Can I pass this to a guy? lol CorveDaCosta blogging from Jamaica :] He covers a lot of current events in his blog.. I love it!

Well I hope some of you learned some new things about me! --and Thank you again Hawa :]

Saturday, December 26, 2009

wow I haven't posted in over a week!

Thats a first lol. and it's only because I've been back and forth doing a million different things.

--ANYWAY a message to my followers, and newer followers.. thank you so much for reading!!! I always try to make my rounds to your blogs.. just bare with me, I will always leave a comment :]
The best news is that I passed my first online class with an A :] yayyy for me! AND I FINALLY HAVE PROOF THAT I'M AN AMERICAN!!!!!!! Let me tell you, it is not easy being born outside of the USA if you don't have proper idenification to prove your citizenship. But now I don't have to worry about that anymore I'm about to get my passport next WHEEEEEW!

I even hung with Allen the other day! Me and Allen were so close in high school, he was my best male friend, and certainly will always be a great close friend of mine :] It's such a good thing to keep in contact with your close friends.

AND I also saw Ryan that day too. He's a buddy of mine that I originally met through Allen.. it was so good to see him, it felt like the old high school days when we all used to hang together!

 I made myself twist my hair yesterday.. I'm gonna try to keep it this way for a

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! That was from yesterday, me and my family spent Christmas day with my late step-father's family.
lol@ me always taking photos in someones bathroom.. you actually can't tell that it's a bathroom in this photo though.. or maybe because it's small, you can?

happy birthdays again: My mother's birthday was Dec.21st, My cousin Frank's birthday was Christmas day. Congratulations to my cousin Angela giving birth to a baby boy last week, and to my cousin Toya on her engagment as of yesterday too. hahaha so much new news within my huge family I can't even keep up.

A lot of my friends are in town due to the holidays, gotta do more visiting while they're here!
anyway, I will post again soon.. I still have more to say but I'm lazy lol

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I got an early Christmas gift :]

happy birthday to my oldest sister today who is now 32 :]

After I had been commenting on so many blogs that posted about "Great Christmas Gifts" and wasn't expecting to get anything...I got a laptop!!! My father and my step-mother bought me one, you all have no idea how much I needed my own.

There are a lot of good deals on the HP website, here's the link details to mine if you want one :]

AND!!! There's a new puppy in my house :] I got him for my mother, but it'll still be all of our doggy in a way haha. When my cat Cutie-Patutie saw this little Chihauhau.. he didn't look too happy : /
the dog barked at my cat and scared him away. I want them to get along like RIGHT NOW, but I'm glad that my cat hasn't growled or hissed at him... well not yet lol

He is very small..he's a little ball of energy, and not even 4months.. my mother hasn't named him yet.

moving right along.. where the heck can I find panties like these, I wonder!? I thought they would be on the Victoria's Secret website.. but I didn't have any luck finding them.

Lindsay Lohan looks lovely in her freckled skin :]

last but not least, my buddy Brandis got a picture with Robin Thicke on her birthday which was dec.14th, she went to 106th&park

lol @ his sweat mark, looks like he gets those moments too hahaha

here's his lovely hit, my goodness I love this song!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Me Love You Long Time


I've noticed everyone is posting about their wishes and wants for this holiday season. My family and I  don't really do Christmas gifts anymore, but who says that I can only get these items as Christmas gifts!? lol.
So.. to start: I LOVE ANYTHING THAT IS BETSEY JOHNSON, her stuff is girly, flashy.. just perfect.

Betsey Johnson

Rhinestone Bow Ring

Ring Purple Pave BowAntique Gold

How weird that I found this ring right after I decided what I would love to get tattooed

If I got it right there, the bow would be a lot smaller. It would just be a basic bow without the skull and without the little bow on top. I want too many tattoos lol

This Jessica Simpson swimsuit is at my job, and the photo does it no justice! Theres also a heart right above the butt area in the back. it's so cute.. I dont think people know how cute her line is , at least I know I didn't lol .. here's one of her bags that is at my job too... I want it.

It's even more so lovely because it opens like a clutch! amazinngggg. It's also interesting that this purse is $94.00 or something like that on her website, but at my job it's like 50. I need to buy myself a gift lol

I want a WII. if not that, ANY GAME SYSTEM.. I love video games, I would literally sit in front of the TV for hours playing lol.

ok.. I'm tired of thinking about the things that I like. I guess I will post things until Christmas lol just for something to do. I'm ready for Christmas to be over with, I'm usually THE GRINCH hahaha but I love NEW YEARS!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm still here lol

forever I love Savannah

I absolutely love this park, forsyth park.. google it, its amazing

dude I've been BUSY and the internet connection was no where to be found for almost a WEEK!! no internet=death LOL

umm.. lets seeeeee... im so sick of my job to the point that im completely OVER it. I'm just going through the motions.. because the new year is going to bring me a lot of lovely gifts :]
so i will tolerate this, it's well worth the wait

i'm so curious to know who is this 45th person following my blog privately lol.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Here's almost 9min of it, better enjoy it before it's gone lol. I added the CBS link to all of the other videos, photos etc.. but they've got those annoying commercials in the beginning that you can't fastward through lol!

Look at that yellow outfit at 4:49!!! oh my goodness I would've loved to strut down that runway in that.
Theres no need in me saying again "I wish I could've been in it" lol

I look tall enough for the runway on this photo.

too bad I'm just 5'5" but hey I work what I have lol.