Friday, November 27, 2009

Vanisha (me) & Elisha (my mommy)

She was in the bathroom doing her hair before leaving back out on the road again, so I figured I'd get a few photos :] here's 2

Thanksgiving was GREAT for me :] I helped her cook and stuff.. twas lovely!

--now onto this "busiest shopping day ever" crap lol

Every customer that I saw with one of these papers today, made me wanna snatch it from them, rip it to shreds, and stomp the shredded pieces of paper while growling. lol I'm so serious. Like I don't get the purpose of Black Friday, especially when everything is ALWAYS cheap at my job lol. SURPRISE: there aren't any new sales at that store.. it's the same bs!
There is way too much going on during Black Friday, I'd much rather stay at home and not step a foot outside of my door. Yet unfortunately, I had to be at work by 4:30 this morning. 4:30am-1:30pm to be exact. This day threw me off! I don't have any energy. I came home, ate yummy left overs from Thanksgiving, took a nap, and still... no energy.
--I'm so glad that I worked the opening shift though, because my co-workers won't be leaving there until like 1am!!..heck no.

So let me tell you, this lady comes in.. while talking to her friend on the phone, she's telling me "Yeah my friend found these like plaid vests here, and they were only 10 dollars, can you show me where they are?" ok so I'm searching and searching, showing this lady every kind of vest that we have in the women's section, and every version that I showed her I got "That's not it." ok no problem.. I keep searching, and she says "My friend said that she got it out of y'alls newspaper advertisement" so I go get one of those dumb catalogs, and I say to her "I don't see anything about a vest here ma'am" she then, pauses... and says ::while still on the phone:: "That's why we can't find them.. I just noticed what store I'm in!!! It was supposed to be TARGET!" I then, nicely rolled the catalog up, and slapped her in the face with it. --I WISH lol
That just goes to show that people need to go home and go to sleep, rather than shopping on Black Friday lol.

OH let me tell you what else I saw while at work....

I typed in "buttcrack" on google and got this photo
Well of course everyone sees this all of the time (lol) but this girl that I saw at my job, had a lower back tattoo that ended literally in the crack of her butt, of course it was the very start of it lol. ---Was I looking too hard? lmao. but I'm mad she was walking around with her butt out like that.. I mean I know all girls have this plummer problem now that most jeans are "low rise"
(it's so bad to the point that my exroommate Nate has a nickname for me "Crack" since he's seen it so many times) but I certainly try to fix it before it happens, or cover it while it's happening lol I even have tricks to covering it if I'm around people that aren't so close to me.. and even more so, random males. I use my bag to cover my bum! hey.. thats a plus to carrying big purses that are just about as big as I am lol!
I just thought I'd share that with you all though, I thought that tattoo was cool :] but I still wouldnt walk around like this throughout a store if I had it!
PS: as much as people dont wanna see a bumcrack.. I'd have to say that it's a lot better to see an attractive lady's crack.. rather than some fat guy's on the corner ..which i did see before and laughed so hard, yet wanted to throw up lol
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