Monday, November 16, 2009

my favorite boy friend Blake

says she's the white version of me lol.
She's pretty! I think her "smiley" piercing is cute..

I want another piercing.. (whats new?)

Anyway, I was off of work today and I just chilled out for once. Didn't do any homework, yet for some reason I wanna do it now. --but I won't, I need to be heading to bed right after this.

My throat started feeling irritated once I woke up, so I've been drinking tea and soup. Yet, it's still bothering me a bit. I hope I'm not getting TONSILITIS again dun Dun DUUUUUUUN ::scary music:: lmao. That word is so ugly and horrible, why do they have to add the "itis" to the end? It dramatizes it lol. I upped the vitamin C dosage today.
uhh what else...
I gave my cat Cutie-Patutie a bath today. He's so funny.. he now knows when it's bath time! His body tenses up, and he won't even want to go NEAR the bathroom lol. He tries to jump out of the tub, but that's it.. so I have to hold him, but I think he does very well for a CAT in water lol. I was gonna post a picture of my wet kitty (lol) but I don't feel like it.
PS: Egg drop soup is the STUFF :] only for one dollar and thirty cents.
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