Wednesday, November 11, 2009

lady gaga and chris brown

fast update: I'M OFFICIALLY A STUDENT :] so I've been busy working, and doing homework thus far lol.

now onto the videos..
LadyGaga actually looks her best with the more "natural" look in this video. SHE WORKED.

now originally I had seen this Chris Brown video on my blog buddy's post (ATLBOMBCHELL) but I love love lovvvve this video so much! I can't stress enough, how much I enjoy watching Chris Brown dance. He is great! That part arm thing that he does at 0:53-0:56, I remember when I was performing in this show, and one of my dance friends taught that move to my group. oh my goodness it was painful for me, and just completely uncomfortable to the point that I had to crack my shoulder (my joints always crack and pop) just to make it feel somewhat OKAY lol.

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