Saturday, November 7, 2009


Me and my friend Brandis, decided to go eat breakfast downtown yesterday morning. We ate at this AMAZING place! Neither of us had ever been there before, but after how great that breakfast was, it surely won't be the last time.
I had "BLUEBERRY CRUNCH CAKES", which are basically fresh blueberry pancakes with granola in them too!! ahhhhh soooo good!!
After we ate, we walked through Forsyth park, which is the most popular historic park here in Savannah, Georgia. Then, we saw the SWINGS lol!!

ohhh my goodness, I haven't been on a swing in so many years! It felt amazing, and was way too much fun! I felt like I was walking on air afterwards, my stomach was still doing backflips, and I was all smiles (as usual lol) :] ..therefore, I know thats something that everyone needs to do once in a while.. if not everyday!! haha I wish!! --anyway heres more photos.. I love Savannah

So, I'm in college now :] and I've started my online class work 4 days before the class actually starts lol (nov.10th). I'm so excited about this!!!

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