Saturday, October 3, 2009

yesterday out and about

so me and Brandis finally got together yesterday and hung out.. we wanted to go down town to this pizza joint that we LOVE (sweet melissa's) me and Brandis met during THE WIZ play.. she played Glinda (the good witch) and might I add, this girl has an AMAZING voice!! I remember always watching her sing.. and then she would hold out a super long note and she doesnt even take a breath afterwards ..she just keeps on singing!! lol sorry but that just amazes me that this big voice comes from her short self lol
she can sing this song like stephanie mills did.. this song was actually in THE WIZ but it was Dorthy's song.

anyway.. heres photos throughout downtown Savannah

then brandis introduced me to her cool friend kim :] of course we started taking pictures in her room lol
then we made it to Sweet Melissa's.. they were in line lol

oh and my sister andrea came and met up with us there.. but we were walking back to the car

and us right before we got in the car to head home

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