Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So the service on my sidekick has been lacking for the past like 5 days! No instant messagers working, none of the names in my phone showing up (thank goodness I know what my important numbers LOOK like lol) heck the internet even stopped working! So I called T-Mobile :::phone makes a million different sounds::: --duuuude my service just officially came back, literally JUST NOW. wtf that was out of control!! It sounded like my phone was about to explode lol. I thought my service was back earlier today, but I was wrong.. until now lol. Anyway, but I called T-mobile.. and come to find out they were having problems with the network. Thats my not problem though lol. I simply asked the lady if my bill could be lowered for this month, and she did it for me :]

I thought I was gonna talk more.. but maybe tomorrow lol I'm tired.
oh but heres my twitter thingy www.twitter.com/vanishardailey I'm always laughing at peoples updates on there.. it's just a bit of entertainment for me
ok bye byyyye
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