Saturday, October 24, 2009


So I was in Atlanta yesterday and the day before. One of my friends wanted me to come to Atlanta to teach the choreography at this audition that he was having. He's a new artist (Najasism) trying to get hisself out there, and he needs new backup dancers. so he held a dance audition for it.

I'm so freakin sore dude.
I danced my little butt off, and I had to teach 2 different groups of dancers. There were some realllllly good ones, and of course some HORRIBLE ones lol. One of my photographer buddies even came out and took photos while we danced (Vincent)
It was a lot of fun, and I love networking with people that have simular interests as I do. We all exchanged contacts: numbers to Twitter to Facebook and even Youtube lol.
There should be some footage of the audition whenever he edits it :]
--I got back to Savannah at 6:00am. talk about TIRED.. and then I had to work at 4pm today
I need to go get a massage on my day off... SERIOUSLY
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