Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ok let me talk :]

Hm.. It's late, but I'm going to sleep after this lol.
I was on myspace (which i never get on) looking at my old photos from when I was like 18 or 19.. and I came across this photo lol

I always have these wanna be gangster photos hahaha! I don't even recall having a blue tooth back then.. where the heck did that come from?!-- because I surely didn't buy it lol.
no.. but what makes me angry about this photo : THE SHADES.
THOSE WERE MY FAVORITE SHADES ..and I think I stepped on them one day :[
I go through so many pairs of sunglasses throughout the year for 1 because I have sensitive eyes and for 2 because I just love different styles of them. But those were clear yellow shades from Urban Outfitters with floral designs on them.. freakin gorgeous

So I'm off of work for the next 3 daysss! yay! I've been busy 2nd job hunting STILL and applying for some online college courses FINALLY! So I've been a little busy bee lately :]
and also since I had nothing to do when I got off of work today, I figured I'd put those flexible rollers in my hair, sleep with them in, and see what my hair looks like tomorrow when I take them out. When I was 19, I straightened and curled my natural hair for the first time! my my myyyy that was a HARD process! I had to blow dry it, flat iron it, and THEN curl it. so I wonder if my hair is gonna come out looking like that again.. but with smaller curls ??

The curls were huge. My hair started getting fluffy (transforming into an afro again lol) like 30min later since it was so humid outside. So i just pinned my hair up after this photo.. I looked like one of the Supremes :]

I will take pictures tomorrow.. if I comes out right haha
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