Thursday, October 1, 2009

nude high fashion modeling

everyone knows I've surely done my share of modeling during the year and a half that I was in Atlanta,which I need to book this photo shoot here in Savannah now lol. --but I came across these very sexual, high fashion photos that contained a lot of nudity, and not just toplessness that we're used to seeing in highfashion modeling... but complete nudity. I just figured I'd post it because I like how out-going the models are (which most models tend to be lol) and they're having fun! Not only that.. but this is also for the people that swear up and down that nude modeling won't get you anywhere. I've got news for you, most of the big name super models have done it...

This is the photographer Terry Richardson (i think this is cute)
sometimes you have to let your hair down a bit lol
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