Friday, October 30, 2009

I have amazing news at the bottom

I need to get one of those YouTube ready digicams. If I had one, I'd upload videos of myself dancing everytime I get inspired... like with this song :]

I'm gonna get one before this year is up. That song needs to be danced to!

amazing news...
i cant even do one of those lol!
So I'm gonna be going online, because I dont know which city/state I want to be in right now to physically go to a school. After about a year, I will certainly have to figure out where I want to be. Being that I will be studying languages in school, that wouldnt be exactly EASY online haha.

oh and I will post pictures when I put that neon pink in my hair again. I washed my hair and it rinsed out so easy! I thought it stays in for a few washes.. guess not lol
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