Tuesday, September 29, 2009

so glad today is over

only because I had to work this morning, but I'm OFF TOMORROW :]
..and once I got in from work, I figured I'd take a photo for him to view lol

yeah but anyway I came into work and one of my co-workers were like "So, did you meet your new area manager? They hired someone.. so you all have a manager now"
"aw crap" is exactly what I thought lol.

FYI: if you didnt know, big retail stores tend to have the store manager(s), assistant manager, and area managers (1 that is over each section of the store)
lucky me! I get to see them all, way too often.. they work like every day practically
:straight face:
--I dont know about you all, but my mind doesn't exactly lead onto positive thoughts when a new manager is hired : / I am so not excited. Her name is Delores, a super cookiecutter-like professional manager. Mind you, none of the managers at my job are professional, they're really just... normal workers lol. Don't get me wrong, she did seem nice.. but it's just a matter of time before she turns into "The Manager From Hell" lmao so we will see how long that attitude lasts.
dude she's already making changes and this is only her second day! What if she tells me to take my piercings out? I now wear all of my facial piercings to work, and no one cares.. so hopefully she won't say anything to me..
but I can certainly tell that this is a woman that takes her J-O-B muy seria (very serious)

I shall leave you with this: un foto de mi :]

It's from yesterday. I washed my hair, put it in an afro puff.. and put on whatever I felt comfortable in.
truth be told: I look topless lol
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