Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i really need to get in school

so I was at work scrolling around like a zombie because I was sooo ready to go home lol, and then this older lady started talking to me. She completely motivated me even more so to get into school. She's a professor at Armstrong University, and guess what she teaches?! LANGUAGES.. She speaks 7 languages. We then started saying different things to each other in German, French, Russian, Spanish.. heck she even let me hear her speak some African language, Romanian, and even FINNISH (i have never known anyone that could speak it)

she was so impressed with how much I knew, and how well I pronounced the words. she said "I can tell you're a very smart girl, you just need practice.. and in school you will get that"
I was told that AT LEAST a masters degree in applied linguistics would be good (which I knew) and she recommended that I go to New York for my masters. --though a PHD would be great. she said that if I go for a PHD I MUST study in Europe so that I can interact with people that speak those languages fluently.
grand idea :]

if no one knew, I'm a professional dancer.
so when i graduated from high school, all i did was
there was no time for college at that point (although I've always wanted to go).
I've certainly done my share of research, checked out certain majors.. and thought about the location (which is always the hardest lol) --I've gotten declined, and accepted to certain schools, yet something seems to always stand in my way!!
so my focus right now is to get my test scores up for this ACT test.
ugh I'm a horrible test taker : / but I just want to try to score high enough so that it's not an issue when I'm applying for school
I really wanna get in there and study languages.. It's something I've always been good at picking up, yet it'll be a HUGE challenge!
..Yeah so theres no way I'd be able to cheat my way through that degree lol. I will seriously have to have my head in the books at all times!
hopefully i will start in jan... somewhere...

these 2 photos were from the last day in atl (labor day to be exact).. my friends are great

lloyd tried to look "straight" lmao
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