Saturday, September 12, 2009

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13

So it all started when this lady that works at my job gave me a
"You have gorgeous eyes... have you ever done modeling?"
I told her I've only done small fashion shows, and loads of
photoshoots.. then proceeded to tell her how angry I was that I had
missed the auditions for america's next top model cycle 13, because they
wanted shorter girls this time (5'7 and under.. All shapes and sizes)
Then I got angry about it because I remembered seeing the commercial for
the show yesterday. UGH

You all have no. freakin. idea. how badly I wanted to audition...
Its not about how pretty you are (because there's plenty of
"not-so-pretty" models), but can you MODEL!?

I can do that bs with my eyes closed all day, every single day, just as
well as I dance.
The reason I didn't audition is because I had missed out on the
auditions that were close to me by the time I found out!
THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE AN AUDITION IN ATL (which is where I was at the
All of my dance buddies where telling me about it, telling me to go
audition... and I missed it :[

Ugh so everytime I watch the show, I'm gonna be so annoyed and
I need to get signed with my dancing and modeling... but to a big agency

Here's the info on the show and crap

Oh yeah... my sister is still gome with her laptop so that's why I've
been MIA.
but today is also a big day... my daddy left to go to IRAQ again. he
will be alright though. he loves being a soldier and he's certainly not
new to any of it.

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