Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ten tips for a happy relationship.

I got this from Tyra Bank's site lol
I'm not in a relationship, but I actually do these things when I'm in
one... well for the most part. --here it is

Forget couples therapy or a getaway to reconnect, we've got the ten tips
to keep you happy right here. Everything is hunky-dory in the beginning,
but it takes work to make even the strongest love last.

Here's a few tips that'll keep the fires of love fanning long after the
first spark.

1. Don't fake it. Being interested in his interests that is. You don't
have to like all of the same things and it'll only make you look like a

2. Speak up. Don't sit and stew, address the issue before it gets out
of hand.

3. Sweet talk a complaint. If you have to tell him something negative,
mix it in between a compliment.

4. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Plan a girl's weekend and
give yourselves a little space -- then have fun cozying back up.

5. Share and you'll care. Make sure you spend some silly time
together, doing things you love. The increased adrenaline will bring you

6. The grass isn't greener. Resist the urge to compare your
relationship to others - NO ONE is perfect.

7. Group effort. Your guy is great but so are your girls -- remember
to keep your besties near and dear, no one person is responsible for
your happy life -- it's a group effort.

8. Love isn't all you need. Sometimes, no matter how hard you love
each other, if you can't get past some major issues it might not be
meant to be.

9. Green with a little envy. Showing a little jealousy sometimes can
actually keep things good. Not going over the top and sneaking a peek at
his texts, but saying "uh oh, she was checking you out!" and laughing.

10. Extra poundage put off. If you have a little more junk in the
trunk now than when you met, work it. Because he probably doesn't even
notice it -- but he will notice you agonizing over your reflection all
the time.

I do :]

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