Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Take me on a trip

I like to see L.A. :sings: lol I've been singing that song all day
"American Boy"
Look, I've got the travel bug.
It all started when I said to my sisters "what if I just bought a ticket
to ny and went for some days"
My sister said "do it!"
So um yeah I will. See I wanna go on a road trip, but I have no car
(lol) or any friends that wants to get up and go... so I figured
wherever I go, it'll be on the bus and long distance.

Here's some facts: I'm an army brat, I've lived in 4 different states,
was born in Germany (but came to the usa when I was like 2 or 3 so I
don't remember it) my family moved around a lot, and with the exceptions
of moving overseas, we ALWAYS DROVE (me and my middle sister just
started flying in 2007)
So I'm 100% used to the 16 hour drive in the backseat of a car from
Savannah, Georgia to Cleveland, Ohio... or the 23 hour drive from
Savannah to Oklahoma. I miss those days of traveling, waking up and
asking "which state are we in?" or waking up and noticing the gorgeous
mountains and knowing we were passing through Virginia...
My mother is a truck driver, she loves driving lol

With all of this being said, I wanna plan a trip to some place... NY,
Miami, maybe even to Baltimore to visit my oldest sister.... I just
wanna go.
I'm trying to avoid hotel rates lol
Maybe I will go to miami and sleep on the beach hahaha
Seriously : /

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