Sunday, August 16, 2009

relationships.race. and hair??

wtf? so let me kinda vent lol
i follow this blog for natural hair right? its a very good site for hair information... esp if youre new to the natural scene, and need ideas on how to take care of your unruly hair.
but my problem began once i read this and the comments!!:
why does this have to even be a topic?? race... hair??? i don't feel like HAIR should be blown up into such a retarded thing. Although, yes I have also noticed how its common to see these things (the natural black girl with the white guy).. but you're an idiot if you think the hair is making that happen lol and you're even more so retarded if you pass judgement on someone because of their hair? can we sayyy... "out of control"?
Now that i think about it, I bet a lot of interracial relationships just happen to form because of the simple fact that: the two people ARE DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER.. and thats no secret to them, so no one from the outside needs to make note of it lol.
now Ive always been a very open-minded individual towards the HUMAN RACE reguardless of my hair being relaxed or natural.. and the person being female, male, black, white, hispanic etc. never was an issue to me... why should it be?
i swear some people get so freakin annoying with their comments, i mean dont get me wrong... im a proud black girl "African-American" but I feel like some people get out of hand with certain topics, or they get very very abnormally sensitive about the way things are worded, and then they wanna get mad or offended over some dumb BS. ugh go sit down.

-- i dislike how a lot of the people try to throw black men under the bus, saying they dont like their natural hair (a few of the girls said this.. not all) but clearly theyve been around some idiots. Although most of the people that make comments about my hair arent black... I've gotten countless compliments on my hair from black women AND black guys
"Its nice to see an all natural black girl without all of that extra stuff" is what I was recently told

theres so much more that i wanted to address prior to typing this, FAILED
lol but now im into chatterbox mode so hopefully this blog even makes sense
:shrugs: one day i will make a big blog out of this whole natural hair vs. the world kinda bs lol it is not that serious

i shall leave you with a silent, straight to the point, racial video... watch closely to details, and the sexual attraction vibe going on its interesting with a serious twist. i found this on one of my blogger buddies posts (Creative Silence).. thank youuuu :]

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