Monday, August 3, 2009


im a strong believer of RESPECT
gotta give it, to get it
i refuse to be talked to any kind of way, especially when I give so much respect.. when its actually not even deserved.
ok i just had to get that off of my chest.. now onto something thatll make me happy :]

People always ask me who do I think are some of the best dancers in the music industry.. well its simple for me to answer, because I CAN WATCH CHRIS BROWN AND OMARION DANCE ALL DAY LONG
ok I know a lot of girls love these guys because theyre cute or whatever, but im really watching the dancing (its so not about the vocals lol). These are guys that danced for YEARS before they even became singers. Theyre naturals, and it shows. I HATE THAT PEOPLE TALK ABOUT USHER LIKE HE IS SO AMAZING ughhhhhh he can dance.. but not like this lol

please watch this AMAZING performance that Chris Brown put on during the 2007 Video Music Awards. The dancing is GRAND, and I get tingles lol (oh and also watch the little boys that dance with him too!!)

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