Sunday, August 9, 2009

No but seriously

I need a job that actually interests me.. One that's flexible and I can
make my own freaking hours without the annoying managers lol I'm just
tired of working for people. I've been working a lot more since I
finished the play.. as I wanted, but it surely isn't an easy task to
stay positive about! I mean my job is extremely laid back to an extent,
but it so isn't on purpose coming from the managers lol.. So to stay
motivated I just think of "$" lol.
I have a horrible habit of spending my money and not knowing where the
heck it went.. Lately, its been going to my phone bill and my sisters.
So the other day, I bought my FIRST item from my job :] a dress! Its
about time I bought something for myself! I've also decided that I'm
gonna save up for this laptop that I want so so so bad...

Ok so I have to be at work in about an hour, but I'm off for the next 2
days! Freakin finally!

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