Thursday, August 27, 2009

male R&B singers

theres a few pulling through this LAME MUSIC CRISIS that the music industry is suffering from lol
now dont get me wrong.. I've always liked mario even back when he first came out, but my thing is.. he was looked at in a different way back then, as a little boy. Yet now that he has "grown" and changed a few things, I think he's really about to come even harder this time as a grown man
dude... I absolutely LOVE his new look, and I'm talking about his bald head! From what I've seen, if a guy has a bald head its usually an older guy, I dont see younger guys with bald heads, ever. --Therefore, I dont think its for everyone.. but for Mario to have it, he looks great and very "mature" with it.
its funny how everyone keeps asking "why did he shave his hair off?!" who cares it looks good!
I will post some other guys that I enjoy listening to this week too :]
I cant get tired of this song!!! OH and give a special thanks to Gucci Mane for looking ultra ugly in this video lol, they shouldve edited his face OUT!
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