Monday, August 24, 2009

look at these 7 year olds dancing lol

i forgot to post this when i found it some days ago, theyre only 7 and dancing like some grown ladies lol... but we cant point the finger at them, we have to point it at the dance teacher lol! they are great dancers though and the maturity of this choreography shows it. theyre doing freakin FOUETTE (fweh-TAY) turns a la seconde (with their leg out the whole time)at 0:45! dude.... i cant even do those, or more so I've never been taught lol AND IM A PROFESSIONAL DANCER!! i can do regular fouette turns, and those arent even perfect.
anyway.. watch these mini pussy cat dolls

with that being said, ive been doing my research on adult ballet and pointe classes.. Ive been performing a lot over the years, but I havent had proper training in years. Heck i was even teaching dance/aerobics classes in atlanta.. but screw teaching others how to dance right now lol I NEED TO GET BETTER
i cant wait to find a ballet class to take! I need to better my craft :]
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