Monday, August 17, 2009


so i was looking through my myspace photos ( and had completely forgotten about a lot of the photoshoots I had during my stay in Atlanta.

I've worked with sooo many different photographers there to the point it makes no sense lol
.. but these 2 were really funny to me

yesss!!yessss this is so intense

see, that's my dance partner Nate, and also my ex roommate.. we don't see each other like "that" AT ALL, but we are PERFORMERS, we will put on a show in a heartbeat to catch anyones attention lol.
its so funny because the photos made us look at it like "whewwww that's hot" (like its not even us on the photo) but what makes us react that way is the INTENSITY that's in the photos! we look like we are so into each other lol

I remember when we were face-to-face taking the photos, we tried to look into each others eyes, and at the same exact time we both started laughing so hard lol the photographer was like "Aw man yall messed up my shot" hahaha
and then when I was looking at the bigger version of that photo, I noticed how we were both looking at different things on each others face to stay focused lol
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