Monday, August 10, 2009

La playa!!

Me voy a la playa mañanaaaaa!!
I'm going to the beach tomorrowww!!! Lol
I love the water, I swim at the pool almost everyday.. But if it were up
to me, I'd live ON THE BEACH.
That's one thing about being here in Savannah, I'm close to something I
can't get enough of.. A body of water :]
I'm going with my Russian buddy from high school Viktoreeya, its funny
because she lives literally 2 doors down from me! Today was the first
time that we had to chill since I've been back in Savannah (so that's
ever since May!!!)
I was just about to leave the pool.. when all of a sudden, Viktoreeya
comes walking in lol
I was surprised to see her! She actually works on the island where the
beach is, and she's in school, so we never get to hang out. --I chilled
at the pool with her and her mother for a few hours.. Just chitchatting
Then me and viktoreeya decided that we would go to the beach once she
gets out of school
I can't wait! I might go to her job and get a henna tattoo too tomorrow
hahaa. hopefully it'll show up on this dark skin of mine now --since I
am "dark skinned" this summer, I no longer have a visible tattoo on my
body lmao

Lmao@ super black people getting tattoos you can't see..sooo funny

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