Friday, August 21, 2009

Destry was in town

soooo like day before yesterday a good friend of mine from middle school (yes 8th grade lol)came to town to see me :] hes a "flawda bawy" lol people are so country in the south.. to my surprise he doesnt sound like that lol

oh maaan we were really good friends back then, and now we are catching up/staying in touch to rebuild that.. he kept saying that we need to plan a trip down to M-I-A (miamiiiii lol) too bad its not the beginning of the summer time to do that. but i do need to come visit him in his area too(tampa, tallahassee)

how interesting that he's never been to atlanta, yet i lived there for a year and a half, and he lived in Miami for 6 months, which is where i'd LOVE to live, and where I'm always trying to go lol

of course i wanted to take pictures, its a must... my sidekick sucks so bad with photos!! i really need a digicam, cause now I dont want the one that I do have lmao

ohhh look what my sister almost stepped on while we were exercising

A BABY TURTLE!!! dude he was like a little smaller then a half dollar! ..then he thought he was in the water, and started doing swimming motions while I held him lol (dont mind sweaty me i just finished running ok lol)

so cute huh!? we let him go, even though we so wanted to keep him.. but didnt want him to die or anything.

but this is how i did my hair the day before that lol.. I thought it looked kinda elegant since I rarely pull my hair back and completely off of my face

so i put my glasses on and went to work lol

anywaaaaay Im FINALLY OFF today, but back to work tomorrow! my mother is in town so I dont know what we may do today.

and the new news is: my buddies want to see me in atlanta asap, so labor day weekend might be when I'll be there if I can request that weekend off from work

if i do come.. geez i've got to squeeze in a lot of visiting time

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