Monday, August 31, 2009


Trey Songz

i'm so gonna buy it :]
I reallllllly like him, he's one of my FAVORITE r&b males


I feel like people are sleeping on him though! He should be way bigger than what he is..he can sing, rap, and he hits nice high notes. Like seriously, YOUTUBE him! He freestyles and stuff very confidently.. i like it
A lot of people have compared him to a young R.Kelley thats a big thing!

I LOVE his speaking voice, it's rare for a guys voice to stick out to me so yeah..

watch this video and just listen to his speaking voice when the music starts playing lol

oh and heres one of his naughty songs from his new album lol

Sunday, August 30, 2009

child abuse..for a gold medal huh

is it really that serious to go this far??
it really makes me mad to see what people go through in athletic things.. especially dance/movement related things. i can most def. say that being a dancer is highly competitive, and yes there are some very stressful moments.. but its supposed to be something that you can have FUN doing.
this video makes me upset

Thursday, August 27, 2009

male R&B singers

theres a few pulling through this LAME MUSIC CRISIS that the music industry is suffering from lol
now dont get me wrong.. I've always liked mario even back when he first came out, but my thing is.. he was looked at in a different way back then, as a little boy. Yet now that he has "grown" and changed a few things, I think he's really about to come even harder this time as a grown man
dude... I absolutely LOVE his new look, and I'm talking about his bald head! From what I've seen, if a guy has a bald head its usually an older guy, I dont see younger guys with bald heads, ever. --Therefore, I dont think its for everyone.. but for Mario to have it, he looks great and very "mature" with it.
its funny how everyone keeps asking "why did he shave his hair off?!" who cares it looks good!
I will post some other guys that I enjoy listening to this week too :]
I cant get tired of this song!!! OH and give a special thanks to Gucci Mane for looking ultra ugly in this video lol, they shouldve edited his face OUT!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lmao!! ohhh my goodness

DUDDDDDDE why did Jamie Foxx take a picture of hisself nude with his camera phone and it leaked!!! He admitted that yes, it is him... but supposedly it was for a movie??
um yeah, tell it to the judge.. dont we all take those? lol!!

lmao@ the comments

Monday, August 24, 2009

look at these 7 year olds dancing lol

i forgot to post this when i found it some days ago, theyre only 7 and dancing like some grown ladies lol... but we cant point the finger at them, we have to point it at the dance teacher lol! they are great dancers though and the maturity of this choreography shows it. theyre doing freakin FOUETTE (fweh-TAY) turns a la seconde (with their leg out the whole time)at 0:45! dude.... i cant even do those, or more so I've never been taught lol AND IM A PROFESSIONAL DANCER!! i can do regular fouette turns, and those arent even perfect.
anyway.. watch these mini pussy cat dolls

with that being said, ive been doing my research on adult ballet and pointe classes.. Ive been performing a lot over the years, but I havent had proper training in years. Heck i was even teaching dance/aerobics classes in atlanta.. but screw teaching others how to dance right now lol I NEED TO GET BETTER
i cant wait to find a ballet class to take! I need to better my craft :]

Friday, August 21, 2009

Destry was in town

soooo like day before yesterday a good friend of mine from middle school (yes 8th grade lol)came to town to see me :] hes a "flawda bawy" lol people are so country in the south.. to my surprise he doesnt sound like that lol

oh maaan we were really good friends back then, and now we are catching up/staying in touch to rebuild that.. he kept saying that we need to plan a trip down to M-I-A (miamiiiii lol) too bad its not the beginning of the summer time to do that. but i do need to come visit him in his area too(tampa, tallahassee)

how interesting that he's never been to atlanta, yet i lived there for a year and a half, and he lived in Miami for 6 months, which is where i'd LOVE to live, and where I'm always trying to go lol

of course i wanted to take pictures, its a must... my sidekick sucks so bad with photos!! i really need a digicam, cause now I dont want the one that I do have lmao

ohhh look what my sister almost stepped on while we were exercising

A BABY TURTLE!!! dude he was like a little smaller then a half dollar! ..then he thought he was in the water, and started doing swimming motions while I held him lol (dont mind sweaty me i just finished running ok lol)

so cute huh!? we let him go, even though we so wanted to keep him.. but didnt want him to die or anything.

but this is how i did my hair the day before that lol.. I thought it looked kinda elegant since I rarely pull my hair back and completely off of my face

so i put my glasses on and went to work lol

anywaaaaay Im FINALLY OFF today, but back to work tomorrow! my mother is in town so I dont know what we may do today.

and the new news is: my buddies want to see me in atlanta asap, so labor day weekend might be when I'll be there if I can request that weekend off from work

if i do come.. geez i've got to squeeze in a lot of visiting time

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

officially jealous

so everyone has been posting about Amber Rose (kanye's hot mama) well lucky her.. she gets to have fun in the sun at a nude beach in Miami
thats something ive been trying to do for years grrr (i will one day!!!)

I love her fuzzy blonde head.. i bet it feels amazing to have hardly any hair during the summer.. which is why I LOVED when my hair was like 2inches long.. so grand

oh shes got a nice bum too :] ..and seriously flaunting her brasilian bikini lol

one day I will be bold enough lol

my brasilian sugaaa

mira mi chula Juliane :] ella es hermosa
this is one of my good friends.. this modeling photo is amazing, when I saw this, I got motivated to stop being lazy and make my modelmayhem modeling page again lol. I deleted it when I left Atlanta and promised to make it back on the website, I finally did! So I will see what kind of photographers I can find around here.. high fashion, or someone that can shoot gorgeous dance photos of me
I might be back into the modeling scene sooner than I thought lol

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

why is this song so beautiful?

it plays at my job every single day, i sing along, and get all sappy feeling hahaha

Monday, August 17, 2009


so i was looking through my myspace photos ( and had completely forgotten about a lot of the photoshoots I had during my stay in Atlanta.

I've worked with sooo many different photographers there to the point it makes no sense lol
.. but these 2 were really funny to me

yesss!!yessss this is so intense

see, that's my dance partner Nate, and also my ex roommate.. we don't see each other like "that" AT ALL, but we are PERFORMERS, we will put on a show in a heartbeat to catch anyones attention lol.
its so funny because the photos made us look at it like "whewwww that's hot" (like its not even us on the photo) but what makes us react that way is the INTENSITY that's in the photos! we look like we are so into each other lol

I remember when we were face-to-face taking the photos, we tried to look into each others eyes, and at the same exact time we both started laughing so hard lol the photographer was like "Aw man yall messed up my shot" hahaha
and then when I was looking at the bigger version of that photo, I noticed how we were both looking at different things on each others face to stay focused lol

Sunday, August 16, 2009

relationships.race. and hair??

wtf? so let me kinda vent lol
i follow this blog for natural hair right? its a very good site for hair information... esp if youre new to the natural scene, and need ideas on how to take care of your unruly hair.
but my problem began once i read this and the comments!!:
why does this have to even be a topic?? race... hair??? i don't feel like HAIR should be blown up into such a retarded thing. Although, yes I have also noticed how its common to see these things (the natural black girl with the white guy).. but you're an idiot if you think the hair is making that happen lol and you're even more so retarded if you pass judgement on someone because of their hair? can we sayyy... "out of control"?
Now that i think about it, I bet a lot of interracial relationships just happen to form because of the simple fact that: the two people ARE DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER.. and thats no secret to them, so no one from the outside needs to make note of it lol.
now Ive always been a very open-minded individual towards the HUMAN RACE reguardless of my hair being relaxed or natural.. and the person being female, male, black, white, hispanic etc. never was an issue to me... why should it be?
i swear some people get so freakin annoying with their comments, i mean dont get me wrong... im a proud black girl "African-American" but I feel like some people get out of hand with certain topics, or they get very very abnormally sensitive about the way things are worded, and then they wanna get mad or offended over some dumb BS. ugh go sit down.

-- i dislike how a lot of the people try to throw black men under the bus, saying they dont like their natural hair (a few of the girls said this.. not all) but clearly theyve been around some idiots. Although most of the people that make comments about my hair arent black... I've gotten countless compliments on my hair from black women AND black guys
"Its nice to see an all natural black girl without all of that extra stuff" is what I was recently told

theres so much more that i wanted to address prior to typing this, FAILED
lol but now im into chatterbox mode so hopefully this blog even makes sense
:shrugs: one day i will make a big blog out of this whole natural hair vs. the world kinda bs lol it is not that serious

i shall leave you with a silent, straight to the point, racial video... watch closely to details, and the sexual attraction vibe going on its interesting with a serious twist. i found this on one of my blogger buddies posts (Creative Silence).. thank youuuu :]

Friday, August 14, 2009

bis morgen

my little sister Jennifer went back to germany this morning : ( ....that sucksss. but everything will be alright, i just hate that we cant keep in contact very well because of course Germany isnt the same on technology as the USA is.. so something as simple as having the internet is seriously expensive.

Me and her were taking photos this morning, and i also managed to convince my middle sister Andrea to get in a few shots lol

Hopefully we will hear from her more often this time though, and hopefully she makes it back to the USA next year to see us... or maybe we will go over to Germany???

Ich liebe dich jennifer :]

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Take me on a trip

I like to see L.A. :sings: lol I've been singing that song all day
"American Boy"
Look, I've got the travel bug.
It all started when I said to my sisters "what if I just bought a ticket
to ny and went for some days"
My sister said "do it!"
So um yeah I will. See I wanna go on a road trip, but I have no car
(lol) or any friends that wants to get up and go... so I figured
wherever I go, it'll be on the bus and long distance.

Here's some facts: I'm an army brat, I've lived in 4 different states,
was born in Germany (but came to the usa when I was like 2 or 3 so I
don't remember it) my family moved around a lot, and with the exceptions
of moving overseas, we ALWAYS DROVE (me and my middle sister just
started flying in 2007)
So I'm 100% used to the 16 hour drive in the backseat of a car from
Savannah, Georgia to Cleveland, Ohio... or the 23 hour drive from
Savannah to Oklahoma. I miss those days of traveling, waking up and
asking "which state are we in?" or waking up and noticing the gorgeous
mountains and knowing we were passing through Virginia...
My mother is a truck driver, she loves driving lol

With all of this being said, I wanna plan a trip to some place... NY,
Miami, maybe even to Baltimore to visit my oldest sister.... I just
wanna go.
I'm trying to avoid hotel rates lol
Maybe I will go to miami and sleep on the beach hahaha
Seriously : /

Monday, August 10, 2009

La playa!!

Me voy a la playa mañanaaaaa!!
I'm going to the beach tomorrowww!!! Lol
I love the water, I swim at the pool almost everyday.. But if it were up
to me, I'd live ON THE BEACH.
That's one thing about being here in Savannah, I'm close to something I
can't get enough of.. A body of water :]
I'm going with my Russian buddy from high school Viktoreeya, its funny
because she lives literally 2 doors down from me! Today was the first
time that we had to chill since I've been back in Savannah (so that's
ever since May!!!)
I was just about to leave the pool.. when all of a sudden, Viktoreeya
comes walking in lol
I was surprised to see her! She actually works on the island where the
beach is, and she's in school, so we never get to hang out. --I chilled
at the pool with her and her mother for a few hours.. Just chitchatting
Then me and viktoreeya decided that we would go to the beach once she
gets out of school
I can't wait! I might go to her job and get a henna tattoo too tomorrow
hahaa. hopefully it'll show up on this dark skin of mine now --since I
am "dark skinned" this summer, I no longer have a visible tattoo on my
body lmao

Lmao@ super black people getting tattoos you can't see..sooo funny

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Call me crazy but umm

Katy Perry (singer), Alexis Bledel (actress), and Zooey Deschanel
I say katy rocks the dark hair and light eyes the best lol

No but seriously

I need a job that actually interests me.. One that's flexible and I can
make my own freaking hours without the annoying managers lol I'm just
tired of working for people. I've been working a lot more since I
finished the play.. as I wanted, but it surely isn't an easy task to
stay positive about! I mean my job is extremely laid back to an extent,
but it so isn't on purpose coming from the managers lol.. So to stay
motivated I just think of "$" lol.
I have a horrible habit of spending my money and not knowing where the
heck it went.. Lately, its been going to my phone bill and my sisters.
So the other day, I bought my FIRST item from my job :] a dress! Its
about time I bought something for myself! I've also decided that I'm
gonna save up for this laptop that I want so so so bad...

Ok so I have to be at work in about an hour, but I'm off for the next 2
days! Freakin finally!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I saved a life today

I witnessed a lady dragging a man with her car in the savannah mall
parking lot with my family, I jumped out of the car, ran to the man, and
was yelling at the lady "stop!!" She didn't. She ran over his legs, her
purse dropped out of the car with all of her info, I got the tag number,
and dialed 911. Saved that mans life.. Shame on that lady

That's not the full story, but the basics.
I'm glad I was able to think fast in such a scary situation, I just
rubbed his back until the police came.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ten tips for a happy relationship.

I got this from Tyra Bank's site lol
I'm not in a relationship, but I actually do these things when I'm in
one... well for the most part. --here it is

Forget couples therapy or a getaway to reconnect, we've got the ten tips
to keep you happy right here. Everything is hunky-dory in the beginning,
but it takes work to make even the strongest love last.

Here's a few tips that'll keep the fires of love fanning long after the
first spark.

1. Don't fake it. Being interested in his interests that is. You don't
have to like all of the same things and it'll only make you look like a

2. Speak up. Don't sit and stew, address the issue before it gets out
of hand.

3. Sweet talk a complaint. If you have to tell him something negative,
mix it in between a compliment.

4. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Plan a girl's weekend and
give yourselves a little space -- then have fun cozying back up.

5. Share and you'll care. Make sure you spend some silly time
together, doing things you love. The increased adrenaline will bring you

6. The grass isn't greener. Resist the urge to compare your
relationship to others - NO ONE is perfect.

7. Group effort. Your guy is great but so are your girls -- remember
to keep your besties near and dear, no one person is responsible for
your happy life -- it's a group effort.

8. Love isn't all you need. Sometimes, no matter how hard you love
each other, if you can't get past some major issues it might not be
meant to be.

9. Green with a little envy. Showing a little jealousy sometimes can
actually keep things good. Not going over the top and sneaking a peek at
his texts, but saying "uh oh, she was checking you out!" and laughing.

10. Extra poundage put off. If you have a little more junk in the
trunk now than when you met, work it. Because he probably doesn't even
notice it -- but he will notice you agonizing over your reflection all
the time.

I do :]

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Here's an interesting fact that I got from a close person :]

In ancient England, people could not have sex without consent from the
King. When people wanted to have a child, they had to solicit a
permission to the monarchy, in turn they would supply a plaque to hang
on their door when they had sexual relations. The plaque
read...."Fornication Under Consent of the King" (F.U.C.K". This is the
origin of the word.

isn't that wild!? Imagine having to ASK to have sex hahaha wow...

Monday, August 3, 2009


im a strong believer of RESPECT
gotta give it, to get it
i refuse to be talked to any kind of way, especially when I give so much respect.. when its actually not even deserved.
ok i just had to get that off of my chest.. now onto something thatll make me happy :]

People always ask me who do I think are some of the best dancers in the music industry.. well its simple for me to answer, because I CAN WATCH CHRIS BROWN AND OMARION DANCE ALL DAY LONG
ok I know a lot of girls love these guys because theyre cute or whatever, but im really watching the dancing (its so not about the vocals lol). These are guys that danced for YEARS before they even became singers. Theyre naturals, and it shows. I HATE THAT PEOPLE TALK ABOUT USHER LIKE HE IS SO AMAZING ughhhhhh he can dance.. but not like this lol

please watch this AMAZING performance that Chris Brown put on during the 2007 Video Music Awards. The dancing is GRAND, and I get tingles lol (oh and also watch the little boys that dance with him too!!)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cast Pool Party

I guess not all of us were ready for the picture lol
This was last week, me and a few of my castmates from THE WIZ were
waiting for the pool to open at the park lol
[Left to right] Rebecca as "Dorthy", Brandis as "Glinda", Jennifer (my
little sister), me :], Leslie "dancer"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Drake Fell while performing

remember when beyonce fell during her performance??? oh you dont? well let me remind you..

i give her a high5 for jumping back up and STILL dancing lmao thats how its supposed to be... the show must go on! but in this case... Drake's fall wasnt as bad as beyonce's head-first-down-the-stairs-fall, but he had to get carried off stage lmao and lil wayne cracked a joke lol

hey... they're humans just like us lol
I heard that he has to get surgery done : / but he can still walk