Monday, July 13, 2009

The Wiz in Savannah, GA at Lucas Theatre

Look what I found, the local news channel is talking about us :]
We were just on the news a few days ago actually!

So tonight was TECH NIGHT.. Ughhh everyone hates tech night lol..
Basically we came in, tried on all of our costumes (MY "FLYING MONKEY"
OUTFIT IS SOOOO OUT OF CONTROL LMAO) sat around, watched the guys put on
the finishing touches to the set, and did a couple of things on stage..
And that was it!
I did a tiny bit of dancing.. But I did NOT sweat!!! Now that's amazing
lol I've never went to practice and didn't sweat lol.
So basically tech night is just a laid back thing. Too bad I didn't have
service on my cellphone in the theater :[

We have the same thing tomorrow.. But we will run the full show, full
makeup, full costumes!

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